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Group has shrunk to a trio. But it is not so simply. The trio format allows Groupa to do more than ever with the folk music tradition. Whether it is folk music? Well, improvised rather than traditional. Swedish and Norwegian folk songs come, stay for the music and disappear. The songs can be traditional, but often blended various idiomatic expressions.
Jonas Simonson's bright flute fly like birds. Mats Edén pulls the bellows of an accordion rhythm drone like and play rough though melodically on the fiddle. Terje Isungset snaps easy rhythms of the mouth harp or beats heavy on percussion.
Groupa gives birth to new folk music with a thin but strong cord to the tradition.

Bengt Eriksson - Svenska Dagbladet

"Maria Kaleniemi Trio and Groupa"


… Sweden's foursome Groupa complemented Kalanimei perfectly. The sparring rapport between fiddler Mats Edén and flute man Jonas Simonson was matched by awesome improvising piano of Rickard Åström. Percussionist Terje Isungset created breathtaking soundscapes, cracking, slapping, throbbing, luminous moments from drums, twigs, sheets of bamboo, bells, jews harp, tambourines. This was a totally thrilling evening.«

Jan Fairley, The Scotsman
- The Scotsman

"CdRoots about Frost"

Founded in 1980 during the dawn of the modern Nordic roots music revival, this ensemble has always been at the forefront in innovating and reinventing folk music in Sweden and Norway. Now a trio of Mats Edén - fiddles; Terje Isungset - percussion and Jonas Simonson - flutes, they continue to explore and expand in 11 strong instrumental compositions based on traditional but reaching well beyond it. - CdRoots


Frost - 2008
Fjalar - 2002
Lavalek - 1998
Groupa 15 years - 1998
Imeland - 1995
Månskratt - 1990
Utan sans - 1989
Vidhonung - 1985
Av bara farten - 1983



GROUPA plays it's own brand of Nordic
music. The original band was founded in
1980, and along with other groups like the
now defunct Filarfolket has been a vanguard
of the progressive folk music scene in
Sweden since the 80's.

GIVING THE MUSIC freer reins and new
colours, they are exerting themselves in the
joy of drawing new musical dimensions with
instruments such as viola d’amore, overtone
flute, mouth harp, stones, bells and

IN THE MUSIC of Groupa, you will find a
composed picture of the traditions of
yesterday, the whims of today, and the
possibilities of tomorrow.
EVER SINCE THE start, Groupa has been a
very popular live band. The band tours
Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe