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ANAYA is a music band composed of 3 vocal singers (folk, pop, rap), a traditional instrument(daeguem), an acoustic guitar, and a percussion, and creates the sound of interesting conflict and charm.
ANAYA's music started from Korean traditional songs and folk songs, and is active with the hope that its own songs will become new folk of this generation someday


ANAYA started from tradition and became a ‘bowl’ that can contain anything.

ANAYA's musical diversity shows its potential that the ANAYA team can turn any musical material to its own colors

This is live stage of world music!.
Awarded at 21C Korean Music Project, in 2007 and 2008, two times in a row, chosen as an official showcase at 2011 US SXSW music festival 'Womex Stage'; receiving wide attention in the domestic and world music market, ANAYA is doing active performances in numerous stages. The sound of ANAYA's 7 members gives comfort and heart warming effect to sensible generation that needs healing.

? New york is captivated by young Korean classical Music!
Deageum, guitar, bass, drum.. .many kinds of instruments are to combine time honored tunes of instruments with modern and western ones to reinvent and revitalize with traditional music. A traditional Korean narrative singer who wore in Korean dress and a folding fan, with rapper who wore blue jean and T-shirts that they sung together 'Ddabukneya' and 'New love song' on the one stage.
- ‘KOREA 21 : Music Here & Now' Union News 2009

To be honest, I really hate rap. However, the conflict and harmony that ANAYA's rap, folk song, and pop vocal make together were really interesting. I see huge potential in them.

- US World Music Institute: Isabel Soffe

ANAYA is about story of human.“Sometimes eagerly, sometimes warmly" - Lee Chungryul, Movie Director of Wornang-sori.


In Korea

Founded in 2006
2010 Ulsan World Music Festival invited
2011 Gwangju World Music Festival invited
20110.2011 World Jeonju Sori Festival invited ?2013 Ulsan World Music Festival invited


2011.3 2011 SXSW(South By Southwest) Music Festival showcase ( WOMEX Stage)

2010.8. 2010 “Hengchun International Folk Song & Music Festival”

2009.4. “KOREA 21: MUSIC Here & Now"( New York)

Jeonju int Sori Festival 1st sound in the KB sound Frontier Award (1)

'21C 2nd Korean Music Project 'Arirang (Korean traditional music broadcast sponsorship) Award

2006 3rd Korean Song Festival 'Silver Award'


1. ANAYA Season 1 (2008)

A combination of Korean classical and modern music, this album features the original main theme song from Chunhyangga. It is a Pansori composition (a traditional Korean narrative song) combined with beat box and rap music.
'Suhwoojeh' is a rock style of music. This song is based on Jeju Island's Suhwoojeh sound, in which the motherhood of the nation is sung. It is a beautiful mix of beautiful, old Korean folk songs and modern melodies. Jung Ji-Sang's ancient poem, 'Songin' and Hwang Jin-Ee's verse are used in this song. You can feel the weight of the old Korean emotional words combined with the gorgeous melody.

2. "Old Partner" Original Soundtrack (2009)

This soundtrack won awards at the Pusan International Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, and featured in the competitive section of the Korea - German - Canada International Documentary Film Festival. When you listen to the album the "sound of blank space" will wash over you. The soundtrack of "Old Partner" makes a deep impression of gratitude on the listener as it reaches its climax in the movie.

3.ANAYA 2nd/(Group ANAYA )/2013

Set List

1.Song of Reply
This is a song of reply to the song of a lark couple residing in the ‘ANAYA's western style house’ and reflects well characteristics of folk songs.

The Kangrung area folk song ‘Youngsanhong(azalea)’(the flower language is First Love) gave the motive of this song and is a beautiful love folktale of Daekwanhryeong seonangshin, local god & goddess in Kangrung area. The Kangrung Dano Festival is the event where two characters of this tale, male Seonangshin and female Seonangshin are considered to meet. ANAYA's ‘Azalea’ expresses minds of those of the folktale in terms of graceful but strong sound of folk song and sorrow of pop vocal.

3.Jindo Arirang
A representative folk song, Jindo Arirang, undergoes musical transformation by the interpretation of ANAYA.

4.11th Moon
This song used the old poem of Hwang Jinee and Seo Gyeongduk as its lyric, which expresses the mind that waiting for spring to come passing through a long winter night is just like waiti