Groupe Le Fogny

Groupe Le Fogny


Fogny is a traditionnal group from south of Sénégal, Casamance. It's musical style characterised by lyrical rhythm of BOUGUEUREBOU (Casamance drums). It holds a important place in the country’s musical universe.


Fogny derives from the word “Efogne” which means “to sing” in Diola. It is also the name of a province that existed before colonisation just like Boulouf, Bako, Djiragone, Kalounaye, Karone, Pakao and Cassa. After the reformation, CASAMANCE, southern region of Senegal, has been split into two regions: Ziguinchor and Kolda.

That province is composed of excellent griots, who, under the influence of modernism, tend to neglect one of the richest folklore of Senegal.

Concerned about rekindling and popularising that culture, they decided to create an orchestra and call it Fogny band. In 1995, Le Fogny band was created.

If it seems a triteness that the Mbalax genre remains the Senegalese emblematic music, it is not, however, the only one that exists. Next to Mbalax, which is from Wolof tradition or to Yela from Fulani tradition, the melodies and rhythms of the South (Diola, Mandinka, Balant, …) formerly produced by “TOURE KUNDA” are very varied and interesting. The “FOGNY” band, current standard bearer of that music which profoundly marks the territory.

The musical style is characterised by lyrical rhythm of BOUGUEUREBOU (Casamance drums). The band has become "The" orchestra of Casamance which is the most famous. Thanks to energy of shows, its audience spread to the other regions of Senegal and in the Gambia where President Y. JAMMEH appreciates and promotes the band.

Thus, spurred by its national success, passionate with creativity and deeply enrooted in Casamance traditional folklore, Fogny band is still going to get itself talked about.

Shows and Tours:
Tour to Promote Peace in Casamance (January 1998)

Participation to the National Francophone Fortnight
(March 2002)

Participation to BANLIEU RYTHME festival (May 2003)

Participation to AFRICAN CULTURAL FESTIVAL in the
Gambia (May 2003)

Hosting of a big stage show for the fight against Light Weapons Proliferation within the sub region with ONGs : Afrique Enjeux, Oxfam International and RADDHO (2004)

First Part of Myriam MAKEBA’s Show in Dakar
(April 2004)

European Tour : France and Italy
(May – July 2004)

«Africa Fête Dakar» Festival
(Dec. 2005)

European Tour : France, Germany
(Jul - August 2007)

Holland Tour in May/june 2008


• Elisabeth Diouf (k7, August 1997)
• Pierre Goudiaby (k7, March 2002)
• Landing Savane (k7, December 2004)
• Best of Fogny (CD, 2005)
• Live Cices Vol.1 et Vol.2 (k7, 2006)
• Live Cices (CD, DVD, VCD, 2006)

Set List

Mokoyo Cissé
Pierre Goudiaby
Landing Savane
Ding Ding Kendo
Unite africaine

Sets can last between 1h and 1h30