Group Sounds

Group Sounds


We are The Clash meets DEVO. We don't sound like anything else at the moment but thats OK because our Mom's tell us we are great! We are from NYC but don't have fancy haircuts and tight pants. What we do have may scare you on the dance floor.


In the fall of 2004 Group Sounds hooked up to
blaze new musical trails across New York City and
beyond. Taking cues from some of their influences,
namely The Kinks, The Clash, Devo, and others, the
boys combine fuzzed up guitars, vocal harmonies, bass,
drums and keys to create a danceable version of the
punk rock of yesteryear. The boys honed their skills in
various old tenements on the lower east side of NYC.
Experimenting with drum stomps, melodic bass lines,
punchy guitar work, and synth sounds led them to an
awe inspiring set that is as infectious as it is interesting
to the ear. Group Sounds is always ready to tear up the
stage, causing heads to bounce, hips to shake, and hearts to break. This summer they will achieve a sonic blitz, as they will appear onThe Cornerstone Compilation, be closing out the Luna Lounge, and will be opening for Hot Hot Heat, The Kills and Louis at New York City's Bowery Ballroom.



Group Sounds EP - 2005

Set List

Lets Go, Things Fall Apart, Business Before Pleasure, 1000 Phone Calls, It's All Over, Temporarily in Love, Goodbye