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"KFOG Local Scene CD"

Devil Wears Wings-Selection #1 on KFOG Local Scene 3 CD

"We went looking for great songs and quality artists and I hope you'll agree with our final choices. These folks don't just happen to make good music. They work hard at creating and expressing their musical ideas. They just happen to be our neighbors."

"Don't filter your expectations or your experience just because these folks aren't household names, national acts or showbiz brands...yet."

Dave Benson, KFOG Program Director
KFOG's Local Scene 3CD
San Francisco/San Jose - Dave Benson, KFOG Program Director

"CD Baby Review"

This is not a bunch of precocious kids in a garage band. grown are seasoned, mature musicians making music that truly comes from everywhere at once. They can be jazzy, folky, bluesy and tribal as they wanna be, because they have the life experience and the musicianship and the soul to be and do all of these things, and it just oozes off the cd before I can get it into the player. That aggrandizing statement is absolutely true, by the way. Another thing: the lyrics are as classic as anything you've heard from Tom Waits or Patti Smith. This band's sound and lyrics would have had the Beat generation masturbating in wishful lust that they could have really been this creative instead of just pretentious and Warholian. grown is very, very real, down to earth, dirty, gritty, get-your-hands-dirty tactile music. It's like a musical 'please touch' museum. - CD Baby/ JH Furnish


Devil Wears Wings, KFOG Local Scene CD, Volume 3
August, 2006-Selected for compilation CD

Raven Thoughts, 2003
Available on CDBaby
Includes Devil Wears Wings



The classic tale really. Two art students meet at a midwestern university (vocalist Jeff Senatra and guitarist David Sullivan) and begin composing songs. A few years later they both found themselves moving to San Francisco, though unplanned and independent of one another. After reconnecting in SF they continued to compose together, and eventually decide to record some of the wealth of their material. Fellow Midwesterner and then recent Bay Area transplant, drummer Tom Connell, was recruited to join Senatra and Sullivan in the studio, and the three produced their debut CD, entitled Raven Thoughts. Some time during the recording process, Senatra met Josh Sepe at a Haight Street bar. After a couple jam sessions, Sepe was quickly brought in to add horns and some bass to the recording. grown as a band was born from there. Shortly there after a co-worker friend of Sepe's, Matt Lucas, joined the four to take over on bass, and the line-up became complete. grown has been playing in San Francisco since 2003, and after a recent extended break, they're back at it.

Favorite Venue: "Let's just say we're covetous of Bimbo's and the [Great] American Music Hall..."

Favorite Hang Out: "We've enjoyed hanging at La Rondalla on Valencia and 20th St., after weekend practices. They make margaritas that sock you like an ape fist. But in the end, nothing tops the beer garden at Zeitgeist..."

Upcoming Bay Area Gigs:
- Comcast Local Scene Television, date: Coming Soon
-Live shows: Currently in recording of new material