Grown Ups

Grown Ups


Loud, fast, melodic punk with noodley guitars to keep things interesting. More than likely played in a sweaty basements across the country


Hailing from Michigan City, Indiana the members of Grown Ups (Ex-Lion of the North, Northern Lights, Spreadsheets) have been “kids in bands” for a hot minute now, touring extensively with their prior projects. Hoping to try something new, Grown Ups released their debut EP “Songs” in early 2009 which they toured heavily playing punk houses, DIY venues and art spaces across the Midwest and East Coast. The band has most recently signed to Big Scary Monster Recording Company (Kevin Devine, This Town Needs Guns, Anathallo, Meet Me In St. Louis and more), who will be releasing their upcoming album in February 2010 in both the U.S. and U.K. Recorded by Brian Southall (ex- Boys Night Out). The records first single will be released on November 16 via Myspace and iTunes (and currently on this sonic bids page) and features the guest vocals of Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack). The band lists such varied influences as Pavement, Lucero, Lifetime, Blink-182, playing loudly, horizontal hang-outs, eating chips, and even recreational drug use.

Label Contact:
Kevin Douch
Big Scary Monsters

Chase Igliori
Big Scary Monsters US


Three Day Weekend

Written By: Grown Ups

It's time that I clean house
It's time I cut my hair
It's time we both stop missin
What I wish was there

I've been collecting resin with your bobby pins
That you left under my bed
that you let fall from your head
that you once laid to rest in the crook of my neck

Girl just give it a rest
The nights young but it's looking like I'm dead
but count me in to do it all again
For one more song
for one more drive
for one more night to feel alive
For one more chance to help you stand

So long farewell
I've lost but I can't tell
Would you follow me into that mountain air
Would you follow if you knew nothing was there

And I know the more I search the less I seem to care
And I know the more we wait the less there is in store
I do prefer the lips that I have had before
So will you guide my hand


2010: LP - Untitled
(Big Scary Monsters)

2009:EP -Songs
pressed via CD and cassette
(Kid Sister Everthing)

Set List

30 - 40 Mins