Grownup Trouble

Grownup Trouble


"...Rough and rowdy country-rock that sounds like an edgy updating of Waylon's outlaw country sound, with stomping rhythms and raw electric guitar leads firing their high-energy performances..." Don Yates, Music Director, KEXP


Hailing from the music mecca of Seattle, Washington, Grownup Trouble play hard hitting rock and roll with a healthy dose of country twang. The combination of a twin guitar attack, a rowdy rollicking rhythm section of bass and drums and earnest lyrics creates the sound of Grownup Trouble. While the listener may be reminded of artists such as Waylon Jennings, Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC, there is no mistake that the band’s sound is totally their own. Grownup Trouble’s four members have years of experience between them, performing in bands that have played just about every incarnation of rock and roll. The four members formed the band late in 2004 and by 2005 had released their first EP, entitled “Hoon.” As the band played around Seattle, their loud, tight-knit sound quickly established their reputation for raucous, high-energy live shows and spirituous performances. Spring of 2007 will see the release of their long awaited first full-length album, “Burnin’ Bridge”.


The singles "Burnin' Bridge Creek, Whiskey Bent, Jesus n' George*, Dusty Road, Heartbreak Town" - currently available on Myspace except *, and soon to be released on the much anticipated full length album "Burnin' Bridge"

"Hoon" - 2005 self released

Set List

Grownup Trouble has enough in it's reportoire for a 3 set show with an emphasis on Outlaw and 70's era country covers, which makes for a great party! However, for club performances, we typacally play one 45 minute set (about 12 songs) of original material with one or two covers thrown in. Below is a sample set including a couple of favorite covers (listed in parenthesis).

Burnin' Bridge Creek
Whiskey Bent
Loose Legs
Dusty Road
Down & Wasted
Jesus & George
Man Behind
Starting To Fall
Heartbreak Town
Quick Fix Girl
(Long Haired Country Boy, Charlie Daniels Band)
(Highway To Hell, AD/DC)