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Uddevalla, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Uddevalla, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"GROZNYJ CD "Welcome to Groznyj - Have a nice day""

"The road to the debute album has been tough, though it has given Grozny a musical self-confidence apparent in the songs. Groznyj neither try or need to lean against any role models or rely on sensations, but let the pieces take the time they need and run in its own rhythm.

The singer Ulf Lundgren's voice is good and appealing to listen to, with the nice backing of Mats Johansson on drums, Hans Nyman on bass and Anders Persson on guitar. It's the simplest possible constellation to create music but with additional musicians on some pieces, they have everything they need.

The album has a good balance of slow and a little faster pieces, but they all have the same soul of common human and melancholic reflections of life, the universe, love and everything.
"Hard Times" is one of my favorites, a bit self-ironic but tender little description of the attitude to life. I recognize myself a lot.

My second favorite is the first track on the disc, "And wish that you were somewhere else", too good to be locked up in a description. Title track "Have a nice day" is both beautiful and euphonious, after an introduction with almost no instrumental backing music where Ulf's voice must bear the entire part.

I would think that anyone listening to this first album by Groznyj may have the same impression of harmony and style-forming as me. This is something delightful to listen to, not to say that it is also easy listening."
- Linnea Åshede Hallands-Posten

"Review "Welcome to Groznyj - Have a nice day""

"The album is packed from start to finish with meaningful songs, often characterized by melancholy in both lyrics and melody. Even though the music wanders between heavy rock and a more lighter blues style, the listeners is never lost along the way. Neither is the message.
Beyond dark clouds and tougher times is a solution and happiness.
The album's title can best be read as an urgent request to not lose one's spirit. A new day awaits on the horizon.
No song on the album captures the essence of that statement better than the title track "Have a nice day": "Hope you enjoy your stay. I wish that happiness one day comes your way" and from the line: "Just shrug away the chill that appears".
The chill that is felt while listening to the album is a pleasant one. The band makes the most of both words and music. "If I was a soldier" is one of the best examples. The opening of the song is smart and witty: "If I was a soldier, I'd lay down all my arms. I'd kill you with my charms, and consider it as by-gones".
Groznyj's obvious and natural charm on "Welcome to Groznyj - have a nice day" draws in any listener."

- Marcus Olsson, Music Editor

"Happy hours at Pustervik"

"It started out with a beer and continues with joy.
Happiness is here – what's that about?
Groznyj from Göteborg releases its second album.
The release party will be at Pustervik on 29 november.
Picture U2 mixed with Neil Young or the other way around. One wonders what the title of the album is all about.
What is happiness?
Does it show?
Can you touch it?
How do you catch it?
Why do we throw it away?
Who deserves it, and who doesn't?
Is happiness to be lonely, to strive, to enjoy materialism, togetherness, or something else?
Even though the title was born when one of the band members popped open a beer and shouted out "happiness in a can", Groznyj searches for depth in lyrics, music and on stage.
"Our music is characterized by etichs, lyrics with meaning and determination that knocks the listeners with interesting questions. But we do not have all the answers", says lead vocalist Ulf Lundgren.
"Happiness" is the band's second album after "Welcome to Groznyj - have a nice day", which was released in 2006.
The new album contains eleven new songs with its own sound, being both cocky and melancholy.
"Our music is like life. It has desperation, honesty, humor, integrity, naked dreams, love, sorrow, and the constant chase for ideals", says Lundgren.
"Happiness" is produced by Groznyj with Peter Heddelin and published by K3 Records.

Ulf Lundgren, vocals.
Anders Persson, guitar.
Peavey Johansson, keyboard.
Anders Höglind, guitar.
Mats Johansson, drums.
Johan Strömberg, bass.

For more information:"
- Pressrelease October 27, 2008


First CD released 2006
"Welcome to Groznyj - Have a nice day"
With singles
"Let it rain"
"And I wish that you were somewhere else"

Single "En stad ett lag" rights own by IFK Göteborg nov 2007

Second CD released in Sweden 29 nov 2008
and worldwide 28 feb 2009



Groznyj – Happiness is on its way

A hard drive crash, a fresh start and a new beginning. The band Groznyj has had a journey like no other.

It started in 1999 when a group of professional musicians got together for a gig on the west coast of Sweden. After a couple of good reviews and some radio spots the band, who had already decided on the name Groznyj, started working on an album.

A couple of major labels wanted to produce the songs and soon almost all material was complete. Then disaster struck.

A hard drive crash meant all their work was in vain. "We had worked for weeks and weeks, day and night. we were devastated", says singer Ulf Lundgren.

The members took time out from recording and gigs, but stayed in contact while working on their individual projects.

In 2003 and 2004 they got together for occasional gigs and, after being named "best act" by a radio station, they once again decided it was time to get back in to the studio. Their newfound synergy quickly resulted in the album "Welcome to Groznyj - Have a nice day" WHICH was released in 2006. The success from the album has given Groznyj a solid fan base. In 2007 they released the Swedish single "En stad, ett lag" which translates to "One city, one team". The song celebrates the football team IFK Göteborg as Sweden's biggest club.

Second CD released in Sweden 29 nov 2008
and worldwide 28 feb 2009

The essence of the music is in the lyrics, the subtle sense of melancholy and a longing for a brighter day.