Grub Animal

Grub Animal


Grub Animal brings a new angle on 21st century rock. Dissonant rock melodies you never heard, stripped down arrangements, shrieks and hollars, and smooth crooning. All straight up rock and roll. Grub Animal tells the tales of past mythology merged with modern nightmare.


Grub Animal is a Brooklyn based four-piece Rock band drawing from new wave, hard core, classic rock, and a little from present day indie hoo ha. The band met on the local scene, and have been tuning their sound since 2008. Ted Strauss on guitar and vocals, Randa Eid singer, Alex Rau on drums, Brian Abbott on Bass.
Front man Strauss is usually at a loss for words when prompted to talk about the band's approach, but when pressed managed to ramble off a few thoughts: "Our debut record is a little about exploring personas from rock 'n roll's recent past. It's about channeling great stories through those personas, stories that are sometimes very old or timeless. The album features some songs using lyrics from (loosely translated) Inuit music, documented during an arctic expedition in 1915. There is also a kind of zombie narrative running through the record, providing glimpses of terror, madness, and death. And for the sentimental listener, there's at least
one love song, depending on how you classify such a thing. It's all about living the joy and labyrinth of each moment to an extreme unattainable in normal daily existence. It's about celebrating what's nearly forgotten for its charm and authenticity. It's also about good music. If all that come across in the music even a little bit, and it seems absurd, then we're doing our job."


Grub Animal, self-titled album, 2009
The Duck Wife, LP, due Winter 2010

Set List

Typical 45 minute sets.
All original material.
Track listing from the Self-titled album:
1. Ptarmigan Song
2. I Am Quite Unable
3. Day Brings New Love
4. Zombi At My Door
5. (I Am) The 4th Of July
6. Tetrodotoxin
7. No Way
8. Think Of Nothing Else
9. Catch The Wind
10. Roger Federer
11. Zombi On Toast
12. I Won't Quit
13. Punk Recruit