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Grubbz: The Director's Cut



Greg “Grubbz” Banks, the fourth of six children raised in The Dunbar Apartments in Harlem, New York was one of the neighborhood wild children destined for greatness. His strong raspy voice and rugged delivery are his greatest gift to the hip-hop community.

Inspired by beat box sounds, Grubbz used his long commute from a Harlem neighborhood to a Queens, NY school as the perfect musical playground. He began by mimicking the various sounds he encountered on his ride. He moved on to incorporate these beats and the constant sounds of rush hour traffic, with the more popular beats heard daily on the radio, at school and on the streets. Soon, G-Dog was created and acquired many sounds and skills. His peers increased his talent and drive by competing against him to be the top at making music with their mouth. He worked to perfect his beats while his friends practiced rhyming. These lyrical styles eventually sparked his interest in freestyling rhymes. From the beginning, it came to him naturally. While on the streets with his “fellas”, they practiced in subway stations, abandoned buildings and hallways where the acoustics would carry the sounds to unfathomable heights. As his skills grew complex, he felt so should his name, from this G-dog took on the name Grubbz. He took what he did at school and home to the streets to vibe, collaborate and musically “battle” his neighborhood crew. That is where his name is said to have come from. To grub means to quickly devour in large amounts; GRUBBZ is one who can lyrically consume with various styles. That was just the beginning…

Feeling unsatisfied with the momentary effects of freestyling, Grubbz decided he needed more; he began to write. As Grubbz said, “Freestyling is clever but writing is forever!” Motivated by a strong sense of purpose and the urgency to breathe fresh breath in the face of the hip-hop industry, he relocated to Houston, TX in late ’97 to focus on his writing and music. Using his proficiency in beat boxing, this was the platform to springboard himself into the production of some of the beats to accompany his lyrics.

Currently, Grubbz is working on his second album as he prepares for the independent release of his first album, Grubbz – The Director’s Cut. All of his music delivers clear and precise messages about life. `Knowledge’ is a wake-up call to the world that knowledge is our most powerful weapon. Lyrics like “It holds the keys to destruction & world peace; the root of all evil is not what it seems to be” speaks volumes to those who forget that every human posses the power to build or destroy by way of knowledge. Grubbz states, “Even though I’m a writer now, I will always love freestyling because it’s a constant challenge between me and the moment! My music is a collection of thoughts, trials and experiences of my life that comes to life as soon as my pen touches the paper.”