lo-fi swamp rock and indie-blues


Grubstake's ethos is simple: keep it dirty, sing about zombies, paranoia (sometimes in the same song), and don't be afraid to use unusual instruments - from accordions to toy pianos to kazoos. For the past 5 years that's what they've been doing in clubs all over The Northeast. Critics have noticed:

The Noise magazine calls Grubstake "Indie rock at it's best" and Amanda Nichols of the Weekly Dig says, "Like Andy Warhol attempting an Impressionist portrait of Elvis, Grubstake manages to mix the humor of Ween, Richard Hell's punk snickers and the 'dropout blues' of early Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band with charm, skill, and reckless abandon."

Since their inception, Grubstake has taken on many appearances, from two-man blues boogey, to five-piece sonic assault. They've been compared to a diverse cadre of bands, from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion to T-rex, to Calexico. At the center of it all, however, is mastermind Pat McHugh. It's McHugh's Travis Bean guitar sound that gives Grubstake their trademark "underground swamp rock" sound, and it's McHugh's skewed vision that holds the whole combustible enterprise together. Add to this vision Rocket1000's swirling drums and John Buczkowski's thumping bass and delicate accordion, and prepare yerselfÂ…


2000 - Farm Use LP
2002 - Ghosts of Arkadelphia LP
2004 - Dynamite & Other Inventions LP
2007 - The Bestest

Set List

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