Grupo Candela is salsa, merengue and bachata. The latin ritms is the new styles in all stages. This music is not only for latinos, is for fun people. With only one year this band participate in main festivals in north-west as SummerFest 2006, Orton Fest, WaterFest, etc.


Grupo Candela born in Madison in 2005. In few days start your shows with several days of the practice. All members is a profesional music of the latino ritms. With only 2 mouths the band record your first video for your fans. In this moment the band expand for national tour for expand of the number of bands. For final of 2007 produce the first CD.


During 2006 the band work with different music salsa, merengue and bachatas of the differents artist.

Set List

We have repertoire for 3 set of the 45 min.