Grupo Miguelito

Grupo Miguelito


Dramatic heartfelt, romantic latin/tropical flavored pop.


Formed in 2003, Grupo Miguelito bridge the gap between the bolero/flamenco styling of mid 70's era Jose Feliciano and the modern energy of artists like Manu Chau. Under the musical direction of Brazilian composer/arranger Ze’ Luis (Caetano Veloso, Bebel Gilberto) Grupo Miguelito is a global mix of talent and personality. Guitarist Ricardo Padron hails from Havana, Cuba; Drummer/DJ Mike Williams (Nancy Boy, Realto)is from Liverpool, England; and Italian/American vocalist Miguelito LaMorte (Mini-King, Fictura)comes from the far northeast of Nevada (actually...The Owyhee Indian Reservation, via Elko, Nevada).

Live, Grupo Miguelito always delivers dynamic, powerful performances (think U2 meets Marc Anthony) involving the audience to the point of elevation, from subtle strong surprises like a ‘Latin jazz combo gone mad’, while on record the songs dictate the drama.

The Grupo Miguelito EP (available at all online retailers) involves the bands most talented friends. Guest’s include bassist Leo Brooks (Lauren Hill), drummer Jonny Cragg (Spacehog, The Twenty Two’s), Percussionist Mauro Refosco (David Byrne, Forro In The Dark), Vocalist Michelle Manzo and string and brass players from The New York Philharmonic as well as New York’s infamous “Salsa” scene.
Mixed by veteran producer Brad Leigh (Tracy Chapman, Billy Joel, Julian Lennon), the EP is journey from ‘heartbreak to heartbeat’ with songs in Spanish and English while keeping a focus that’s ‘en clave’.

Best friends are hard to find...for all four members of Grupo Miguelito, making music together just a bonus.

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Enamorados (this old song of love)

Written By: Mychael La Morte/Jaime Holguin

Enamorados (this old song of love)

This old song of love
is playing out again
ignored the signs
that warned of accidents
but i told myself
maybe it could change
so i jumped eager to play your fool

this old song of love
is not long enough
you're torn
what more can i do
it does me no good to hear you say
i love you if you can't follow through

sintiendo y despiertos
...oh this old song of love

So long since i've been moved
so hung up on your strings
along with all the other things

This old song of love
is not loud enough
it's highs i strain to reach
then you came here
it's in your eyes
there's nothing left to hide
no question now what we are about

sintiendo y despiertos
...oh this old song of love


Grupo Miguelito EP
(ZL Music NY/Ingrooves Distrubution)

Set List

Mostly Original Songs...covers include a version of Stevie Wonders "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing", Willie Colon's "Son Y Cuerdo Boogaloo" and Rod Stewart's "Tonight's The Night"