Grupo Rebolu

Grupo Rebolu


Rebolu is an Afro-Colombian ensemble made up of some of the finest Colombian musicians outside of Colombia. Their unique & original reinterpretations of traditional Afro-Colombian rhythms make it extremely well suited not only for cultural events and festivals, but also nightclubs and dance parties


Rebolu interprets various traditional genres of the Caribbean coast of Colombia through original compositions which are loaded with energy and danceability.

The group was founded by Ronald Polo and Moris Canate, two of the most respected Afro-Colombian musicians in the United States, out of their desire to promote the rich musical traditions of their ancestors. It is their belief that in order to survive and thrive these folkloric traditions should evolve with the ideas of new generations of folklorists and this belief is clearly reflected in their music. The original compositions of Ronald Polo forge new paths for Colombian music while respectfully remaining true to its ancestral roots. In this process they create a truly unique musical and cultural experience.

These childhood friends have toured the globe since their teenage years with La Corporacion Cultural de Barranquilla, a company that accompanied the President of Colombia on diplomatic visits; even performing for the Emperor of Japan when they were 19.

Both grew up in families of long musical tradition. Canate's family is the premier musical family of San Basilio de Palenque, the first runaway slave community in Americas to gain formal emancipation from Spain. This UNESCO World Heritage site is where African culture, language and music have best been preserved in all of Colombia. Today Canate is widely considered to be among the top 5 Tambor Alegre (Afro-Colombian drum) players in the world.

Their unique reinterpretations of traditional rhythms such as Cumbia, Tambora and Bullerengue along with their ability to lecture on the history and social significance of these genres makes Rebolu extremely well suited not only for nightclubs, but especially for festivals and universities.


Rebolu's independently-released debut CD, Abriendo Caminos will soon be available on iTunes and CD Baby. 9 of the recording's 10 tracks are original compositions by Ronald Polo. Hit tracks La Sorpresa (2) and Sufre Corazon (5), have already been played on world music radio shows around the US and Europe.

Set List

A typical Rebolu performance is a mix of the original compositions heard exactly as they sound on the CD, along with the most danceable classics of Afro-Colombian music.

Number and length of sets vary with the specific needs of individual venues and events.