Grupo Salvage

Grupo Salvage


we are a group from different states of Mexico our style falls under the grupero style which includes Balada, Cumbia, Ranchero which is a very popular genre among Mexicans. The grupero style is very popular for parties such as weddings quinceaneras birthdates and events like festivals and concerts


Our music is lively and suitable for all sorts of events, from private parties to concerts.

We're a dedicated group, that are passionate about our music, our influences include: Los Bukis, Liberacion, Bronco, Los Mier, and Los Humildes.

We believe that our well composed lyrics and music set us apart from the mainstream sound.

Grupo Salvage has been strong and living for about 12 years, we were established in '97 in los angeles california. Even though our band has gone through changes, our current band members are not daunted by the music business.


We recorded a 10 song CD in 2004 which was mainly promotional and distributed by the band members the CD title was "Herido del corazon" and our second CD which will be released by Digstation on 7/28/2009 titled "Vuelve a mi" includes 12 tracks 4 covers and 8 original songs 2 written by our lead singer and 6 by other very talented writters.
Our latest CD will be able to be heard on

Set List

Our set list is usually about an hour long and includes our original songs as well as covers from other well known bands we have a pretty extensive repertoire we have played private parties that go for 5 to 7 hours.