Grushenka's style is unique, but notably heavily influenced by the likes of the Indigo girls Jewel and Tracey Chapman. Listening to grushenka, it is clear that no two songs are the same, giving a unique listening experience.


Grushenka was born in Dublin, but was not without musical influences as her father was part of the “Showband” era in the 1960’s. Brendan Arnold played rhythm guitar with the “Royal Blues” showband fronted by Doc Carroll.

Taking up piano at an early age, Grushenka was also taught guitar by her father. Following on to secondary school, she then took up saxophone and clarinet in a local marching band.
After School she studied at the Bull Alley College of Performing Arts, a course which included voice training, singing/dancing and acting.

Grushenka began writing songs when she was 16, but it was not until the age of 21 that she would perform them in Public. Since then, Grushenka has been performing and playing in bands while constantly writing new material. She played bass with a local covers band called “Off the wall” for two years before deciding to perform as a solo artist. This led to Grushenka winning the 2004 “Battle of the bands/singer/songwriter” competition as well as various other talent contests.

Her first demo was recorded in 1999 followed by her EP in 2006 whike Grushenka was residing in Canada. She is now working towards recording an album to be completed shortly.

An album was recorded independently and released in 2004, featuring a selection of artists that performed at the “Irish songwriters” open mic nights. “Sacred” and ‘This Love” written and performed by Grushenka can be found on this album which is available at “”

Earlier this year, Grushenka appeared on televisions TG4's "Deis rock" playing bass for Dublin band "Waif".
She has also just completed recording a song which appears on Galway band "The Deans" debut album. The song "home in the past" was penned by the Deans frontman Gavin Dean.


"Waiting for something to happen" EP

Set List

Set list

1. Isolated in Love
2. We could be lovers
3. Sacred
4. This Love
5. Tell me I'm Wrong
6. I hope nothing goes wrong
7. Let me introduce myself
8. Bad for me
9. Leaving to Exit
10. Fools Paradise

All of the above usually reach one hour performance
Can also incluse the following covers
1. Closer to fine - Indigo girls
2. you were meant for me - Jewel
3. Across the lines - Tracy Chapman
4. Whats up? - FOur non blondes
5. Manic monday - The bangles
6. Ironic - Alanis Morissette

20 - 30 mins