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Grusome..Self Titled...2005
Grusome.... The D..2007




Grusome was born and raised in the projects of Detroit Michigan. Grusome started writing lyrics at the age of eleven years old. At this young age he was labeled by his Grandfather an old musical soul. Knowing that the struggles ahead weren’t going to be easy he struggled through life’s challenges.
In 1989 at the age of 11 Grusome decided to pursue his career with zeal and determination, performing in several talent shows in Detroit, California and Ohio.
In 1994 at the age of 16 Grusome embraced and proceeded to explore and venture out to various parts of the United States to establish him self within the music industry. He also used this opportunity to hone his individual style of music and lyrics.
During this time he made his mark in several states like California, Tennessee, Atlanta, New York and Florida.
By the time Grusome was eighteen he had already written over six albums although never released. At Grusome captivated local listeners with his realism and ability to empathize with other people’s struggles.
Being able to communicate and entertain local crowds because of his self – assurance after all these years of struggling within the hip hop game were starting to pay off.
In 2002 Grusome started producing and mixing tracks more frequently. His equipment consisted of a MPC along with a Radio Shack keyboard. His talent in producing and engineering progressed and in such a short time. He than began to record tracks for several local artist.
In 2003 he moved to California to produce tracks for several local artists. That move eventually paid off and Grusome ended up producing a track for Los Angeles rapper Sugar Free.
In 2004 he left California for Atlanta to meet with Malachi an engineer for Grand Hustle Entertainment. Malachi being impressed with Grusome’s style and tracks wanted to see how serious he was and presented his tracks for the Hustle and Flow soundtrack.
So with that good news Grusome headed back to Detroit to make fresh beats and to mix the song “U Player” so that Malachi could master the track for the album. Upon arriving back to Detroit he found out that his studio was broken into and his equipment stolen. With no copies and no back files his dreams disappeared with his equipment.
In 2005 Grusome picked up and left Detroit for Nashville Tennessee with faith and good hopes of reestablishing himself within the game. He quickly started hustling finishing his self titled CD Grusome which by the way sold out.
In 2006 Grusome while picking up money at one of the local record stores called Lou Lou’s owned by Coop he came across an opportunity to perform at a talent show where the prizes added up to over 10,000 dollars. Even though he did not win the competition he later joined Must Maintain Entertainment as producer/artists. At this point he knows that his career is on the right track.