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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Alternative Rock




"Cut From Steel"

The Cayuga / Caledonia based band Gruve is gearing up to play Homegrown Hamilton this Friday. Gruve are a pretty awesome rock band with classic-rock influences and a no-nonsense sound. No-nonsense means that they make high quality rock music without a gimmick or some kind of a weird subgenre you have to understand. These guys are good and if you like rock you should check them out at Homegrown this Friday. All of the show details are on our events page.

We caught up with Jay to learn more about the band.

Q – Can you tell me a bit about how Gruve came together?
We have been a band for almost 9 years which is crazy to look back on. Brad and I have been playing in bands together since high school and finding a bass player in a small town like Caledonia or Cayuga was always difficult as everyone wanted to be a guitar player! We had a handful of songs written together when we basically put a bass in my brother’s hands and told him “you are playing bass”.
Q – How did you develop your sound? What inspires it?
Our sound developed very naturally for us, it was never something we sat down and said we want to sound like “this” band. I think it’s one of the things that have kept us going is just playing what we thought sounded good. We started out with more of a funky jammy sound that has slowly progressed into what we like to call “groove based dirt rock”.

Q – You guys have a bit of a ‘classic’ rock type of sound, in the sense that your songs would have fit right in decades ago. Is this something you’ve gone after consciously?
Not really actually, I agree that our sound has a bit of a nostalgic sound to it, but it is really three guys mashing together our influences and playing what moves us. We have always recorded live off the floor with very few overdubs to create that “loose but tight” type of sound which I think leans itself towards that “classic” rock type of sound. We like our recordings to sound like what we do live.

Q – What’s it like being a band in Cayuga / Caledonia?
It has its pros and cons coming from small towns. We have developed a pretty loyal little fan base by playing house parties and being really one of the few local bands around. Some of our best shows were those house parties and also at a little place called the Cayuga Hotel in Cayuga.

Downside being that we are 30 min away from downtown Hamilton which makes it hard to go check out shows a few times a week and network with other bands and promoters.

There was a time where our goal was to play at one of “the” bars in Hamilton just once and we would have made it from the small town basement to the city!

Q – Can you tell us a bit about what your live show is like?
Our live shows are a high energy party type atmosphere. We try to do what we would want to see other bands doing on stage. We are only a trio but we pride ourselves in having a big sound.

Q – What do you have planned for 2014, musically speaking?
We are working on a new EP for 2014. It is basically written and rehearsed we are just shopping around for a studio and producer to work with, which we will actually be announcing in the next few weeks, I cant let it slip just yet. We are shooting for a late spring release and to do a bit of touring in support of it as well.

Q – What are you listening to these days? Can you recommend a track?
Hmmmm, I have been collecting a decent vinyl collection over the last little while and recently added some Tedeschi Trucks Band to it. Their song Midnight in Harlem does it for me every time.

Q – Who is your favourite Hamilton-based band?
Great question! Hamilton has a ton of great bands and we have had the privilege of sharing the stage with a lot of them. I can’t speak for the other guys in the band, although they might agree, I would have to go with Huron. Their record gets a ton of spins at my place.

Thanks, Jay! - Cut From Steel

"Gruve will be rocking out in the Lone Star State!"

One of hottest bands in Southern Ontario has two words for its loyal fans: road trip!

Yes, Haldimand's very own Gruve, nominated in the 2011 Hamilton Music Awards for the traditionally tough category, Best Rock Recording of the Year, is on the move, appearing at the popular Red Gorilla Music Festival in Austin, Texas March 14 to 18.

Its three members, Jay Pollmann (lead guitar, vocals), Eric Pollmann (bass guitar, vocals) and Brad Jackson (drums, percussion) hope to make a memorable impression in cattle, oil and football country as they bring their classic rock style to the area of the U.S. where the state licence plate could very well read "Go Big Or Go Home."

"We're really excited about the opportunity to represent this area on this trip,” said Jay who, along with his brother Eric are from Cayuga, with Jackson hailing from Caledonia.

"We love our style of music and are sure the Texas music fans will too," he added.

Formed a little over five years ago, now with three well received albums under their belts, the veterans of many large festivals and over 300 appearances in a variety of venues, Gruve has paid its dues and its members feels confident of their ability to leave the "Lone Star State" begging for more.

Beginning with a 2004 demo recorded in a basement, the band officially broke onto the local Hamilton area music scene with its first album two years later, "The Evening Waltz", recorded in Lowbanks, Ontario.

Sensing the need for even better recording facilities, 2008 found them following sound engineer whiz and Haldimand rock legend Rob Lamothe (The River Dogs) into Catharine Street North Studios in Hamilton to record album number two, "Floor Model".

Now on the heels of their third album "Out Of Nowhere", recorded at the CBC studios in Toronto, the three musicians are hoping to expand their market across Canada and the U.S. to all ages of rock fans.
In fact, those lucky enough to have lived through the late ‘60s and ‘70s, when the groundwork of rock music was laid, will be pleasantly surprised by the aggressive, edgy sound. The powerful vocals, guitar and drums this threesome treats the listener to is turning heads as their fan base continues to grow.

The seasoned and discerning fan of classic rock might, at times, compare the band to ZZ Top with its brilliant lead and bass guitar work in the album title song "Out Of Nowhere". The primal, addictive drumbeat of "Swamp Water" will also appeal to all fans of pure rock. Hauntingly similar to the ‘70s legendary lead singer David Byron of British band Uriah Heep, the wide range and flawless voice of lead singer Jay is truly impressive as it binds all the elements together.

Asked by The Sachem (via Facebook) for opinions on the band, after listening to some samples from their website, Karen Male of Hamilton responded by saying, "These guys definitely rock!! I'm not much of a music person knowledge wise but I would go see these guys. I loved the music-it wasn't too over the top and the singer was clear and easy to understand. I would recommend these guys!!!!!" (sic).

Fans of the band, and those wishing to now check them out, can join them at their Texas Trip Fundraiser this Friday evening, March 9, starting at 9 p.m. as they warm up for their trip into the heart of Texas with a performance at the Cayuga Hotel, 10 Talbot Street, Cayuga.

Their newest live CD will be on sale for whatever you wish to pay.

Opening the evening will be "Motion Grove" from London, ON.

There is a $5 cover charge. Proceeds of the event will help with the costs of the trip.

For more information, go to

Article by Mike Burgess - The Sachem (Caledonia) March 2012

"Gruve - Hamilton Music Awards at the Corktown"

The Hamilton Music Awards featured the best out of Hamilton’s talent pool. Gruve’s performance at The Corktown was a perfect example of this. They moved and grooved in syncopated rhythms reminiscent of some of the greatest 70s rock bands with an alternative twist. The music was solid, the talent certain and the performance highly entertaining.

Do not miss their last performance of the year at Club Absinthe on December 10th !
- Urban Hero Magazine


The band name that Jason Pollmann (guitar, vocals), brother Eric Pollmann
(bass), and Brad Jackson (drums, percussion) chose
clearly states what they’re trying to achieve together.
The groove based jam band called Gruve got their start about
six years ago when Pollmann and Jackson started playing talent
contests and parties in high schools but it wasn’t until Pollmann
graduated from the CBC television series Rock Camp that he
became truly inspired to write and form a serious band.
Pollmann’s brother, originally a drummer, switched to bass to
round out the band and for the last three years the trio has been
oiling their collective musical gears to become a jam funk
“The band went from being a sloppy young cover band with a
few cool originals playing to 20 people at Canada Day festivities
to working its way up to playing venues throughout Hamilton and
Toronto,” smiles Jason Pollmann on how much the band has
grown. “We are still at the point where we step it up each time we
perform. We’re really excited just to be playing our music for an
audience and I think that’s the goal we want to get across.
Musicianship is key to our live sound and we like to throw in odd
timings and switch up breakdowns to keep it fresh for us and the
listener and then totally rock out. As a band we have gotten a lot
tighter on and off stage in the last half a year or even the last few
The band’s first album, The Evening Waltz offers a small
sampling of what the band is about but with every show the
danceability is a factor the band hopes to increase with every
“The CD shows the various styles of music we play and how
we fuse them all together to create our own sound,” says
Pollmann. “We take inspiration from every style of music. We try to
create something fresh and challenging to us, unlike what we
normally hear. We always are throwing a new style into our sound
to keep things interesting for us. We definitely like to jam!
One of us will bring in a riff and we will jam it out until we can pull
everything we can out and around that riff and then base a song
around it. Our sound is more of a structured jam band kind of
sound in the way that we’re structured and tight, using elements
of jam band styles.
“I would come see us just for the fact that it looks like were
having a good time and playing a variety of refreshing music
within one set, everything from our reggae vibe to the bits of funk
to rocking out the jam rock. We like when you move your feet. Oh
yeah, don’t bother wearing socks ‘cause they’re just going to get
rocked off anyways.”
Gruve plays this Saturday January 5 at the Pepper Jack Café
with Snowheel Slim And The Boogie Infection, Oshawa’s The
Stables (Oshawa) and Toronto’s Schomberg Fair. $5 gets you in. V - THE VIEW (Hamilton Ontario)

"Local Band Plays at Music Festival"

The Sachem

Members of ‘Gruve’- a Canadian band that hails from the small towns of Caledonia and Cayuga- had the opportunity to play in Toronto at Canada’s Music Festival on March 9.
“Everyone wants to play at this festival.” said Jay Pollmann, lead guitarist and
He added, “We had the opportunity to showcase at the opening night of the festival at the Clintons Tavern in Toronto.”
Canada’s Music Festival features over 800 artists filing over 55 venues. Past artists
that have played at the festival include Hedley, Daughtry, Katy Perry, Our
Lady Peace and Marianas Trench.
“The festival was a great experience for us to connect with new contacts,” said Jay.
The band name that the Pollmann brothers of Cayuga and Brad Jackson of Caledonia chose clearly states what they’re trying to achieve together.
“We have been playing together for five years, we expect ourselves to be playing
at these types of festivals,” said Jay.
Covering many musical styles, the band has over 30 original songs.
Gruve is in the process of recording and releasing their third album which they will
be working on with engineerReuben Ghose and producer David Porteous at the CBC
Studios in Toronto.
“We have been gaining momentum in the last couple of years and matured our
sound and our band,” said Jay.
The three-piece band has put a lot of effort into making their live shows a high energy
atmosphere sharing the stage with Dean Lickyer, Cage The Elephant, Rebel Emergency, The Spades, The Jimmy Swift Band, Mr. Something Something, Street
Pharmacy, and Walk Off the Earth.
‘Gruve’ has played such events as Canadian Music Week (CMW), S.C.E.N.E.
Music Festival, Festival of Friends in Hamilton, Bookies Nu Music Nite at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.
Their goal for 2011 is to successfully release their latest album and tour across
Canada branching the album out to new markets.
For further information go
to - The Sachem (Caledonia Ontario) March 2011

"Gruve’s Out Of Nowhere"

Jay Pollmann (guitar, vocals), brother Eric Pollmann (bass), and Brad Jackson (drums) formed Gruve six years ago but they’ve only seemed to come into their own with the release of their newest CD, Out Of Nowhere.

“A few years ago we didn’t really have a direction we were headed in and it takes time to find a unique sound,” reasons Jay Pollmann. “It seems we have found our sound this time around. There was a time where we would rather not tell people we had already been playing together for four or five years, but I think every band has that breaking point where things begin to click and within the last year and a half, we felt that happening. We have learned our instruments together, become better players in that time and that’s something that just doesn’t happen overnight.
“It has been a long time since we released the last record and in that time our sound has changed, matured, we have become more confident with what we do and why we still do this,” adds the guitarist. “We have learned how to play and perform better together, and become better songwriters. Out Of Nowhere and a lot of the other songs on the record were inspired by where we come from and where we grew up.
“Nobody really knows where Cayuga or Caledonia is and in terms of the band’s geographic locale, we do come from out of nowhere.”

The urban factor they lack may have helped to create the more urbane new collection of songs. Musically you can hear the difference right from the first few seconds – the sound is more aggressive, taught and confident – rather than improvised jams, Gruve still lives up to their name but with a new focus.

“This record is much more aggressive, it’s a dirty, gritty album,” offers Pollmann. “Each of these songs are more confident and cohesive – and we don’t give the listener much of a break in between tracks either. We have been getting great feedback so far from playing these songs live. There is a connection with the audience that was something we had not had in the past. I think a big part of it has to do with us really believing in these songs.”

Recorded with engineer Reuben Ghose and producer David Porteous at CBC Studios in Toronto, Gruve hopes the Out of Nowhere CD brings them somewhere. With their first tour out to Halifax set to begin this July, Gruve are ready to begin the next phase of their career.

“It turned out to be a great match to how we wanted to go about recording this time around,” says Pollmann. “We recorded the entire record over two eight hour days at CBC Studios. It was a great atmosphere in the studio, they let us make the kind of record we wanted to and helped us fine tune and capture some great sounds. Now we want people to hear these songs.

“The groove has always been the backbone of the songs,” he adds. “Our stage show has progressed just as much as our sound has over the past couple of years. It’s a high energy show and it looks like we are going to play the entire album start to finish in the middle of our set. It’s always a party when our core crowd comes out and they will all be out to support us this weekend for the release party. We’re just going to have a great time, man.”

Gruve play this Saturday June 18 at the Casbah with Live How You Live, The Subterraneans, and Snow-heel Slim and The Boogie Infection. Doors open at 9pm and $10 gets you in. Click on
- THE VIEW (Hamilton Ontario) June 2011

"Canadian Musician Magazine"

“With an ever-growing fan base and two well received full-lengths already to their name, Hamilton’s GRUVE are poised to have one hell of a year in 2011.

The three piece incorporates musical styles from reggae to dirty slide guitar and jammy dance tracks into their output. Having built their momentum playing a myriad of events like the S.C.E.N.E Music Festival, Bookie’s Nu Music Night at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern, and Fred Eaglesmith’s annual picnic, GRUVE have focused a lot of time and effort into making their live show a high energy party environment, forcing people to their feet and getting them moving.

The band is currently in the process of recording and releasing their third album and hope to support the release on the road, branching out into new markets across the country. If you agree with Sam Roberts in that “the kids don’t know how to dance and rock and roll” give GRUVE a try. They might convince you otherwise.”

Ben Conoley - Canadian Musician Magazine (March 2011)

"Gruve releases ‘Out of Nowhere'"

Members of Gruve- a Canadian band that hails from the small towns of Caledonia and Cayuga will be releasing their third full-length album ‘Out of Nowhere’ on June 18. According to Jay Pollmann, Gruve guitarist, listeners can expect from the new album the best work ‘Gruve’ has recorded and produced
to date, featuring eight new songs with a rock n’ roll sound.

“We are very excited to announce the release of our upcoming disc, ‘Out Of Nowhere.’ This album rocks harder and rolls farther than our previous records and we can’t wait until our fans hear it,” said Pollmann.

‘Out of Nowhere’ was recorded and produced in January by engineer Reuben Ghose and producer David Porteous at the CBC studios in Toronto.

“This is the first time we had a producer to help us fine-tune our record,” said Pollmann.

The hit single and the name of the album; ‘Out of Nowhere’; represents a strong connection the three-piece band members have to Haldimand County. “It means to us where we grew up and where we still are. We have contacted local radio stations, encouraging them to play the single,” said Pollmann.

Gruve has written over 30 songs during the five years they have been together as a band and have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

“If you enjoyed the last record this will be even better; our writing skills on this album have really improved,” said Pollman.

Gruve will be promoting and selling their latest album with a two-week tour that will travel to the east coast beginning on June 27. The band members will be travelling to Peterbourgh, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Moncton, Halifax, Prince Edward Island and Toronto.

A Gruve CD release party will take place on June 18 at Casbah located at 306 King Street in Hamilton to introduce the new album. Tickets are available for $10 at the door. Special guests such as Live How You Live, the Subterraneans Collective, Snowheel Slim and the Boogie Infection will be attending the celebrations.

Article by Natalie Clewley - The Sachem (Caledonia Ontario) June 2011

"GRUVE Releases “Floor Model”"

If you have yet to hear of the local band called GRUVE here is your chance. The three piece, that all hail from the Caledonia and Cayuga area, consists of Jason Pollmann (vocals, guitars) Eric Pollmann (bass) and Brad Jackson (drums and percussion). They will be releasing their new album “Floor Model” in Hamilton on November 14th at the Pepper Jack Café.

Recorded and mixed in downtown Hamilton at Catherine North Studios, “Floor Model” was recorded over three days with the help of Rob Lamothe and Dan Achen. GRUVE was able to capture the sound they were going for by recording all eleven tracks live off the floor, adding vocals and some overdubs after the fact.

Taking what they did with their last album to a new level, recreating the way the band sounds live and capturing the element of music being created without being processed, like a lot of artists today, was what the band had in mind. The variety of sounds and styles of music really come together on this new album.

GRUVE has kept busy this year writing and recording their second full length album and playing a steady stream of shows all across Ontario. Playing shows that range from 1 to 3 sets a night, GRUVE has found the best way to become an all around better and tighter group is to be playing their music live in front of people. With upwards of 30 originals and many more cover songs the band looks for any opportunity to play. They have booked all of their shows up to date themselves including sets at Fred Eaglesmith’s Picnic, Roger’s Spring Music Festival and Bookie’s Nu Music Night at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto this summer.

The band is excited for their “Release Party” on November 14th sharing the stage with their friends, from the Come Together Music Festival, The Satisfied Customers and The Subterraneans Collective. The new CD will be available for $10.00 at all shows as well as some new merchandise.

Caledonia Music Center and Hobo Music in Port Dover also carry GRUVE discs and shirts. Keep posted on more shows and listen to some of GRUVE’s music on

Thank you for supporting live music!

GRUVE (CD Release Party)
With The Satisfied Customers
And The Subterraneans Collective
November 14th , 2008
38 King William St., Hamilton, ON
9:00 PM $5.00 @ the door

More at - Caledonia Sachem

"Garage Band Idol"

Hamilton, Ont.

They may not be able to spell -- but at least they come by their name honestly. This trio of jammy reggae-rockers from Hamilton seems primarily concerned with creating rhythms that get your feet moving, your hips swaying and your head nodding. And they do a fairly decent job of it, judging by the slow-burning, Sublime-like songs on their MySpace page.

Want Darryl Sterdan to review your homemade, original song? E-mail us an online link where he can hear it. If he chooses yours, he'll tell readers if it sucks or not. Send the link to



"Blatantly sublime."

Listen for yourself
- Toronto Sun


This fun loving band, whose members come from all across Haldimand Ontario, bring a fresh new style of music to the stage.
They call themselves GRUVE and they describe their music as a mixture of many different styles.
“Our music is a fusion of funky reggae jam-rock” explains lead vocalist and guitarist Jason Pollmann.
“I love the reggae vibe” says Amy Hayes, who helped GRUVE land a bunch of gigs. “its something fresh and interesting and not a style you hear everyday.
The band originally started out with drummer Brad Jackson and lead vocalist and guitarist Jason Pollmann. Who jammed together for years in various groups before forming this band together.
“We got tired of looking for a decently committed bass player so we got Eric (Jason’s younger brother) to lean the instrument. The band added Carissa Kimbell to record their first recordings together. They are great together as a band and prove that when they are on stage.
“We all work well together and I think that comes to life in our shows” says Jackson.
They have performed at many different venues since forming 3 years ago, festivals, bars, and private parties. Right now the band is waiting to be noticed by someone that will be beneficial to the band and their future. While they are waiting to be noticed they’re just having a good time playing their shows and are starting to become rising starts in the area.
They definitely have their own original style, but also have many strong influences that contribute to it. They perform some cover songs, but prefer to focus on their original music.
The band is in the writing process right now so most of the rehearsals for the past few months have been dedicated to that. They try to practice 2 times a week but will do as many practices as necessary to prepare for upcoming shows or studio recordings.
As of right now GRUVE has a demo released with 5 originals songs on it as well as working out their first full length album.
“We would like to get into the studio in the new year to record a full length album” says Jackson.
“The album will consist of all original songs” says Jason “that’s what we want people to hear”.
The band has many goals for the upcoming year, including making the audience dance each time they play, that would make them content.
“We try to get the most enjoyment out of it as possible” says Eric Pollmann.
They would also like to change a few things about the band and their music but are waiting for the natural progression to take them there.
“We would like to stop playing so many cover songs at our shows, cause anyone can play covers” says Jackson. “We also really want to work on our stage presence , but we are still a young band”
The band has recently just played an outdoor festival in Waterford called the Pumpkin fest. Were it was extremely cold and pouring buckets but they still managed to get the crowd up and dancing to the music.
There has been many memorable moments but the most recent was when they were called off stage for safety purposes just before the last song at the pumpkin fest. The entertainment manager informed them that the system was taking on water and much too dangerous for them to continue.
“Needless to say they were more than willing to comply” says Hayes.
Their sound is completely different then any other band in their age group and that’s what people seem to enjoy while listening to them. There is no screaming or yelling, just great music.
“Our music gives you wings” says Kimbell.
“I think our stuff is just fun to listen to, and it appeals to a lot of different people” says Jackson.
Each show will continue to make the band tighter and stronger as a band but in the end they are all still friends first.

For more information about the upcoming shows or the band themselves contact the band at


Labour Day Weekend 2007
(Aug. 31 until Sept. 2)
Latest News - August 23, 2007

Invitations are now available for the Labour Day festival, and the performance schedule for the festival is posted below.

For more information about the festival, email Mark Wilson at

Main Stage:

Friday August 31:
7:00 - 8:30 Curry Guns and Maple Syrup
9:00 - 11:00 Fat Cats

Saturday September 1:
1:00 - 1:45 Pailface Boogie
2:15 - 3:30 Steven Elmo Murphy Band
4:00 - 4:45 Tigar Bomb
5:00 - 6:00 Electroluminescent
6:15 - 7:15 BA Johnson
7:30 - 9:00 Woodhands
9:30 - 11:30 United Steel Workers
of Montreal

Sunday September 2:
1:00 - 2:00 Two Stone Throw
2:30 - 3:45 Surly Young Bucks
4:15 - 5:45 Gruve
6:00 - 7:30 Mark Wilson & The Way It Is
8:00 - 9:00 Circuit Breaker
9:30 - 11:30 Ultra Magnus

Saloon Late Night:
Friday August 31:
11:15 - 12:15 Battleship Ethel
12:30 - ??? Diesel Dog acoustic & electric

Saturday September 1:
midnight - ??? The Droops

Sunday September 2:
midnight - ??? Chameleon Project & Passenger

Acoustic Stage (Saloon):
Saturday September 1:
2:00 Lucas Stagg with guests
3:00 Mike Alviano
4:00 Tanya Philipovich
5:00 Alun Piggins
6:30 David Celia
8:00 Tin Roof Rusted

Sunday September 2:
2:00 Craig McNair
3:00 Lynn Jackson
4:00 Duane Rutter
5:30 Cindy Clasper
7:00 The Stars Here

Pick up your invitation to the festival ($65) at the following locations. Be sure to call ahead to ensure that the location has invitations before you travel.

Rotate This
620 Queen Street West,
Toronto, ON M6J 1E4

Shady Grove
592 Upper Wellington St.

Brantford Music Centre
422 Colborne St.

Shakedown Street
109 King St W

Lightning Jacks
230 Main Street
Port Dover

Organic Traveller
343 Richmond Street

London, ON N6A 3C2

Frontier Ghost Town

Can't make it to one of the above locations? Email Mark Wilson at to work something out.

For the upcoming Labour Day 2007 Come Together Music Festival, we will be heading back to Frontier Ghost Town. Frontier Ghost Town is located approximately 2 hours northwest of Toronto, 90 minutes north of Kitchener, and 20 minutes
south of Owen Sound.

Looking at a map:
- follow Highway 6 north of Guelph and continue north on Highway 6 about 10 km past Durham
- turn right on Grey Road #12
- look for Frontier Ghost Town Camp Grounds approximately 1 minute down Grey Road #12 on your right hand side


Frontier Ghost Camp Ground is a private campground. Campers drive into the campground and pick out a spot to set up. There are no designated sites, although obvious spots for campsites are evident. People get to park their cars where their camp sites are set up, and from there it is a short walk to where the bands play.
The campground has portable bathrooms, washing water, and cold showers. Campers should plan on bringing their own camping gear, drinking water, some food, and party supplies. No glass containers & no pets are allowed at the festival.
Children are welcome, but this is more of an adult party festival than a family festival. Having said that, the camping area is large enough so that campers who want a quieter experience can find a spot that is somewhat removed from the late-night party.


Still working on that hot first release.



GRUVE is a Canadian band that hails from the small towns of Caledonia and Cayuga just south of Hamilton, Ontario. The band is road tested having been together for 9 years, releasing three well received albums and playing 350 plus shows together across North America that have included tours of Eastern Canada as well as a trip to SXSW in Austin Texas.

The band`s third album Out Of Nowhere, recorded at CBC Studios in Toronto, was nominated for a Hamilton Music Award and also helped them secure multiple tours as well as an opening slot for Big Sugar at the 2012 Sound Of Music Festival in Burlington Ontario.

Musically you can hear the difference right from the first few seconds the sound is more aggressive, taught and confident rather than improvised jams, GRUVE still lives up to their name but with a new focus _Ric Taylor/ The View Hamilton

With a more focused sound being described as `Groove based dirt rock` the band`s live show has progressed equally as much. GRUVE brings a high energy explosive, party like atmosphere each and every time they perform live.

The band will head back into the studio in early 2014 to work with legendary producer and engineer Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, Alexis On Fire, Protest The Hero, April Wine) to record their forth release and continue to push its brand of groove based dirt rock into new markets across North America.

If you agree with Sam Roberts in that kids dont know how to rock and roll give GRUVE a try. They might convince you otherwise. _Canadian Musician Magazine

A physical press kit is available upon request.

Jay Pollmann
905 537 2238

Band Members