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Gary, Indiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | INDIE

Gary, Indiana, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Song Premiere: G-Scott's RealFake"

G-Scott, an accomplished young emerging artist, once signed to Freddie Gibbs’ “Str8 Slammin’” imprint, who has several potent musical influences from other cities he’s lived in and visited, chose to release his first single from his forthcoming project, “Another Weekend In Los Vegas” on GrungeCake, and it is truly a gift and I’ll tell you why. In the past, this Gary, India-native rapper released three projects and has been featured on countless, notable Hip-Hop media publications including MTV, XXL (The Break), Ebony Magazine, and more but that’s not what made me agree to premiere this record.

It was the deep, dark essence which ushers in at the beginning of the “RealFake” record, that set over me, creating an emanation of mystery and mystique. Within the first 30-seconds of the self-produced record, the gifted composer showcases his ability to communicate the importance and depth of his topic, or motive. If you know me, I like music that can make me feel something. During a chat we had last night, G-Scott shared that the inspiration for the song comes from previous personal and business relationships, which shifted his path to success, and achieving life goals.

Reminiscent of a cosmic, Kid Cudi-like carol, he sings, “Young nigga from the west side. Tender love and care that’s what the left eye, see” and soon shifts into a Trap-influenced break that introduces the contagious hook, that you’ll certainly learn and want to emulate upon your first listen.

In the record, G-Scott discusses not having a plan, and praying to God for hope to change his reality. I’ll reckon, if he keeps this up, he wouldn’t have to sell Xanax anymore to make a living… unless it’s a personal choice. - GrungeCake.com

"G-Scott – “Mary Poppins” Video x 1983 Mixtape"

From the deep depths of Gary, Indiana, comes G-Scott and his latest release, 1983. More of an album than a mixtape, the well-rounded project gives listeners a picturesque view into the routine of this uniquely-voiced MC, via 16 tracks of engaging lyrics and an impressive palette of original production. Whether you’re into stirring singles (“Fools Gold”), inspiring album cuts (“RichBroke“) or shiver-delivering poetics (“Suicide Watch”), there’s a little bit for everyone here.

To hear G-Scott’s 1983 tape in full, stream below or head to DJ Booth for the free download. Then, check out the colorful visual to his “Mary Poppins” single.

Read more: http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/01/download-g-scott-1983-mixtape#ixzz2O98pinnT - The Smoking Section

"Video: G-Scott - Introspective Theory"

Another visual from G-Scott, signed to Freddie Gibbs' Str8 Slammin' records, off his Weekend In Las Vegas tape dropping in April.

- Argenys Collado (@aKiDnamedHENNY) - The Source Magazine

"G-Scott: Slammin Records"

Str8 Slammin’s G-Scott is more than a fresh faced, young guy. He’s a multi-talented, multi-dimensional rapper/producer/student with an extremely dope spot in entertainment. He’s positioned with some of our favorite people (i.e. Freddie Gibbs’ & the rest of the Str8 Slammin fam) and he’s expected, by many, to make some pretty huge moves! Sooner than later, his face will be everywhere and we’ll be able to say: “We told you so!”
G’s start in music came from a conversation with his friends. “We wanted to start a new hobby. They said that they wanted to rap and they needed someone to do the beats. I volunteered to learn how to do it, so I ended up going online and finding a free version of Fruity Loops [a digital audio workstation] and started practicing. They didn’t stick with the rapping, but I kept progressing with making beats. Once I got into college, I disconnected with a lot of the people that I was working with. I needed people to rap over my beats so I tried to rap so that’s how I got started in it.”
To G, loyalty is an essential part of his career and keeps those that he trusts close to him. “I’ve stayed with pretty much the same circle since high school. A few have dropped off and I’ve picked up a few.”
Like many artists from small towns, G has realized the need to think beyond his hometown of Gary, IN. “There’s not a big market in Indiana. It’s pushed me and made me expand. I try to do as much as I can in the area, but I realize how crucial it is for me to get out to bigger markets like Chicago and go to other places. That’s been my biggest thing, as of late.”
G’s music is not only creative, but relates to a wide variety of people, attracting fans from everywhere. “Whatever I write really comes from real-life experiences. Any of the songs I write about or any beats I make are based off whatever emotions I’m feeling at the moment. They play a big part of how I create… I like being able to see people relate to my music or the emotions. It’s fulfilling.”
G is dropping his first project under Str8 Slammin entitled, “Weekend in Los Vegas” as well as other music projects with his new family. “I’m working on a project with Str8 Slammin. They’re doing this whole ‘Gangsta Island 3’ mixtape and I’m working with them on a few tracks.”
Rap isn’t G’s only hustle. In addition, he’s staying busy and expanding to other avenues. “Really right now, rap is my focus but I have friends that I work with that I collab with as far as different clothing lines so I’d like to expand on that. Also, before I was doing rap and music, I was making video games so I’d also like to go back to that as far as computer programming and video game design.”
G’s advice to other artists: “The biggest advice that I can give is be yourself, work hard, don’t be scared to get out and network. You actually have to get out, talk to people and travel. And invest in yourself.” - Urban Shake Magazine

"G-Scott - Weekend In Los Vegas Mixtape"

If you’ve ever been to Sin City, you’re probably well aware Nevada’s hot spot is not all it’s cracked up to be. The air is thick. The atmosphere is desperate. The people – those who are accessible at least – are either temporarily run-down or completely turned-out. So, when you listen to G-Scott’s new mixtape, Weekend In Los Vegas, don’t expect much high-rolling or many bright lights. Instead, the first official release from Gary, Indiana’s next-up since signing to Freddie Gibbs’ Str8 Slammin’ imprint is a bit more conducive to the atmosphere of endless casinos and brothels.
Laced with dark, twisted backdrops and themes of overcoming the purgatory of normal life in a place where the population is much more past than present, the 20-year-old Scott narrates the latest chapter in his burgeoning career with grown man vision. Whether he’s tackling the pressures of transcending current college studies into a rap career over the haunting strings on “Numb,” or the unimaginable difficulties of turning away females to succeed on the GLC & Boldy James-assisted “The Market,” Scizzy shows his priorities are in check via a variety a flows and bars that could inspire even the most successful listeners. However, if the tape’s ethos could be boiled down into one song, it’d be the Gary-dedicated “What I Need,” where the native son speaks on what separates him from the pack of the wolves he grew up around. Just check the line, “I’d rather be the only me than another you, so you can stay on the corner, I’ll stay in the zoo/ I’m sure we’ll both end up behind bars, both ending in sentences, mine ending in penmanship.”
If G-Scott can keep that mentality in tact and his current work-ethic up, we’re sure he’ll have no problem becoming everything he hopes for and more. That said, help the spread the young brother’s movement even further by downloading his Weekend In Los Vegas tape below, which is brought to you by Str8 Slammin, Good Music All Day, Mostly Junkfood and LiveMixtapes.
Download/Stream — G-Scott – Weekend In Los Vegas - The Smoking Section

"Redbull - On The Come Up: G-Scott"

Up-and-coming rapper G-Scott, who’s signed to Freddie Gibbs’s Str8 Slammin’ label talks about making it out of Gary, Indiana, and what inspires him to write music.

Real Name: Gerald Scott Bailey
Hometown: Gary, Indiana
Influences: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell, Kid Cudi
Who He’s Down With: Billionaire Block Boy and Freddie Gibbs’s Str8 Slammin’ label
Side Hustle: Junior in telecommunications at Indiana University Northwest

Gary, Indiana, is about 30 miles southeast of Chicago. What are the differences between the two cities?

Chicago’s a whole different, huge market. In Gary, everybody pretty much knows each other. Me growing up in Gary and making music here, I had to find a way to branch out. From blogs, I ended up meeting my manager. He’s from Dolton, Illinois, but he’s heavy in Chicago.

When I was starting out, I’d go to Chicago and do open mics, showcases out there and try to network and meet different people so I could bring my music to the forefront out there. That’s why I guess sometimes the blog sites will say that I’m from Chicago when I’m actually from Gary.

What is your goal when you make music?

When I make music, I want to actually touch people, make them feel what I was feeling or help them out a little bit. A lot of times, I don’t have different people that I can talk to.

Whatever I’m feeling at the moment, I’ll sit down, write it out or make a beat and then make a song to it. That’s how I get my emotions out, I guess. I’ve got my family and different people like that to talk to, but as far as my feelings, I don’t really express them a lot. Music is kind of like my getaway.

The video for your song “Folded” takes place in a laundromat, the video for “Ha$H” features you wearing masks and the video for “Introspective Theory” takes place on the banks of Lake Michigan. How do you come up with the videos and the locations for your video shoots?

Most of the time, when I’m recording or writing a song, I have a vision in my head of how I want the actual video to come out. Based on that vision, I have a few video directors that I like to mess with, so I sit down with them or send them the track. We brainstorm ideas and bring things together. That’s usually how the videos come together.

With “Folded,” I was with Young Wonder. They shot the video for that. We ended up going to Chicago and sitting down with them. They brought the idea of ‘Maybe we should have you folding clothes in a laundromat.’ I didn’t know how that was going to be initially, but after they kind of laid it out for me, and we sat down and talked about it, it came out pretty nicely. I like trying to do things that are different, so when they said a laundry mat, I don’t know of any other rappers other than De La Soul who have shot a video in a laundromat. - Redbull

"CMJ - On The Verge: G-Scott (Gary, IN)"

When most college students pull an all-nighter, it’s to finish a term paper or cram for a final exam, but when Indiana University Northwest student Gerald Bailey is up all night working, it’s often in a recording studio. Bailey has a knack for quietly subverting expectations. He currently majors in telecommunications, but he produces and performs hip-hop under the name G-Scott and recently signed to fellow Gary, IN, native and gangster rap revivalist Freddie Gibbs‘s Str8 Slammin label. He works at a gelatin factory (“Not the actual Jell-O gelatin,” he notes. “It’s kind of like pharmaceutical stuff.”), but he’s opened shows for Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa and Travis Porter. Right now, he could probably use a nap. “I didn’t get home until about 4:30,” he says. “I was in the studio last night working on the project.”

G Scott – Karma by CMJ Network

The project is Weekend In Los Vegas, a mixtape that G-Scott will release this April and his first batch of material since signing to Str8 Slammin. Despite the Gibbs connection, those hoping for more violent crime narratives and brutal, noir-like lyricism should look elsewhere: Far from being a Gibbs clone, G-Scott is a smirking everyman, a party guy with a not-so-secret nerd streak. For example, though Los Vegas is ostensibly about G-Scott’s upcoming 21st birthday and the raucous adventures that come along with it—the mythical place in the title comes from combining his two fantasy party spots, Los Angeles and Las Vegas—the tape is actually constructed like a concept record, complete with clearly defined sections describing different days of the weekend, a far cry from Gibbs’s sprawling, nihilistic releases. If Gibbs is Casino, then G-Scott is The Hangover.

Rapping over beats created by G-Scott himself and a handful of select local producers, the album draws on blurry, unconventional textures from bands like Phoenix and the Antlers, but G-Scott is quick to say it’s not a “hipster style.” More so than the eclectic beats, the story is central to the tape. “There is Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” he explains. “And the whole three-day weekend follows the story of why I started doing music in the first place. The first day, Friday, ends with a breakup, or something happens with me and my girlfriend, which sends me into this downward spiral into Saturday. Saturday is kind of the fun, party, trippy, crazy tracks. And then Sunday is like the morning after, waking up and trying to put everything back together, the solution day.”

This emphasis on long-form narrative and story-telling can perhaps be traced back to one of G-Scott’s geekier interests: video game design. He’s particularly interested in RPGs (Role-Playing Games) and when asked about his favorite RPGs, he’s quick to name Chrono Trigger, an acclaimed 1995 Super Nintendo game from Final Fantasy creator Yuji Horii that’s known for its intricate plotting and innovative use of time-travel. G-Scott has even sampled bits from the game’s soundtrack, along with bits from Sonic The Hedgehog. “I started making video games [in] junior high and high school,” he says. “I was really into computer programming and video game design and Web design, and so just with that, it is still something I like to do or still am interested in, but in some other ways me picking up beats kind of took the place of it.”

G-Scott may have traded in his gamepad for a beatpad, but that doesn’t mean both activities don’t work a similar part of his brain. “When I was doing the whole video game, computer-programming thing, you still have to be creative,” he explains. “You have to come up with different ideas as far as putting together what you want to see happen in a game or what you want to see things look like. It is pretty much the same thing in music if you are making beats or rapping. I look at it all like, I guess, an art, how an artist would approach a painting or anything like that.”

G-Scott – Nobody Knows Feat. Young Scolla by CMJ Network

Despite his escapist tendencies and his video-game aesthetic, a very real place still lurks in the background of G-Scott’s musical conscious: Gary, IN. A once powerful industrial center and the birthplace of the near mythical Jackson music dynasty, Gary has fallen under hard times as jobs leave and crime moves in. Last year, a New York Times article described how the city has become a go-to spot for Hollywood movie directors looking for locations of desolate urban blight and decay. Both Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and A Nightmare On Elm Street filmed there, but the city itself doesn’t have a movie theater. Despite these hardships, music remains a vibrant part of the community’s identity. “In Gary I would definitely say there is a rap scene,” says G-Scott. “But as far as style of music, a lot of people out here are more on what Freddy does, as far as the gangster-type rap, and a lot of the younger generation of artists are more so trying to branch off and do a different style, whic - CMJ

"G-Scott Kicks Off #HelloLosVegas Tour In Chicago, Talks New Single and 1983 Mixtape"

Anyone can become a rapper, but it takes true talent to become a storyteller; and Gerald “G-Scott” Bailey is a reflection of that image. The Gary, IN native has been captivating audiences for the past few years with his creative interpretations of his life’s story. His most recent effort, “Weekend in Los Vegas,” has garnered critical acclaim in the blogosphere catapulting him into a multi-city tour. As the #HelloLosVegas series prepares to kick off in Chicago on Saturday (July 28), the young emcee is also prepping the release of his new single "4 Finger Ring Raps" featuring Illinois emcee Ibn Inglor, and the official "Weekend in Los Vegas" EP in late August. We The Go had the opportunity to catch up with G-Scott to discuss his concert series, new single, work with WGCI's Boi Jeanius, and his upcoming project, “1983.” WE THE GO: It’s been a couple of months since you released your mixtape, Weekend in Los Vegas. How would you say the response has been overall? G-SCOTT: It’s been really nice. People are picking up the mixtape and responding to it pretty well. People are connecting with it, and it’s been moving, so I’m proud of what it’s done. What was the concept around creating the tape? It was about me as an artist growing into my own style and growing as a person—transiting into an emotional child in an adult. That was the whole push behind that project. If you had to choose, what are the stand-out tracks? “Karma,” “30,000 ft.,” and “Folded” has been a pretty big tracks.
For those who have yet to download it, why should they? If you don’t have “Weekend in Los Vegas,” you should definitely go get “Weekend is Los Vegas” because it’s good music, it’s something different that hip-hop is missing or hasn’t been heard lately. There’s definitely something on there for everybody, and the project is just pretty dope overall. As stated in your stroll with DopeDrops.com, you’re working on new mixtape, “1983.” What can fans expect to hear from your next project? ‘1983’ is kind of like “Weekend in Los Vegas” on steroids. It’s like the Saturday and Sunday section of “Weekend in Los Vegas,” but amped up. It’s more conscious material, but also
some more crazy production, crazy lyrics, it’s just a lot of amped up stuff. What about the year, 1983 is significant to this project? ‘1983’—before I was even supposed to put out “Weekend in Los Vegas,” I was supposed to put out ‘1983.’ Me and my guy joked around about stuff like Studio 54 and crazy parties, and crazy actions. That’s where the whole concept came from. Once I started doing research, in ‘1983’ Viacom brought out radio of whatever it was. They basically turned radio into a monopoly. So, once they did all that, it’s basically the reason why always hear the same stuff on the radio or the same songs. So once I heard all that, I connected with that and played off of that as far as songs go, or basically saying this happened in 1983, I wanted to be something different and put out a project that was playing off of that and make some crazy music. So, I wanted 1983 to really just be upbeat compared to my other projects. Do you have any features lined up as of yet? The only guy Ibn [Inglor] from "4 Finger Ring Raps,” but I’m still working on some other features, so nothing has been confirmed yet.
You do a lot of work with WGCI 107.5’s Boi Jeanius. How’d that partnership come about? It really was through Twitter. I linked up with my guy Issac probably three years ago, and we did the “Poe'd Up Remix” from my first mixtape, and we came together and did that remix, and that’s where I met Boi Jeanius because he was doing that session with us. He was friends with Issac, heard me through that, and was like, “I like this kid.” After that we just connected and kept doing music. As you prepare to perform in Chicago on Saturday, what do you want the audience to take away from your performance? I just want people to see that I’m the same when I’m doing music and when I’m not doing music. I want people to feel the music off of “Weekend In Los Vegas,” and feel the music off of “Scott Bailey Vs. The World,” and pass it on to someone else. I’m going to be doing “Weekend in Los Vegas,” “Scott Bailey Vs. The World,” and I’m going to premiere a track called “Four Finger Ring Raps.” So, I just want people to pass the music on and feel what I’m talking about. What would you like to ultimately see happen the most in your career? For me, personally, my goal is to be able to live, and be successful with my music. As long as I can do that and have listeners, I’ll be fine with it. If I blow up, and do something crazy, that would be cool too. But, I’m just trying to make dope music and have people listen to it. - WeTheGo.com

"Portrait of the Artist as a telecom major: G-Scott"

Weekend in Los Vegas is G-Scott’s depiction of a glittery, synaesthetic 21st birthday weekend located somewhere between the City of Angels and Sin City. In real life, hip-hop emcee Gerald Scott Bailey (G-Scott), had not been to either Los Angeles or Las Vegas and instead spent the night of his 21st birthday working a shift at his job at a pharmaceutical gelatin plant in Calumet City, IL.

But the separation between aspiration and reality has steadily shrunk during Scott’s seven-year career, especially since the day last fall when he came home from work to find a Facebook message from fellow Gary rapper and Young Jeezy affiliate, Freddie Gibbs. Gibbs had heard Scott’s first two mixtapes, Billionaire Block Boy and G-Scott vs. The World, along with Scott’s instrumental work and wanted to sit down with young artist. The meeting ended with G-Scott as the newest recruit on Gibbs’ Str8 Slammin’ imprint. While the signing provided additional momentum for the April 27 release of Weekend in Los Vegas, unexpected tragedy complicated the project.

Gary emcee Hilton Johnson, known onstage as Tron, and G-Scott had been partners and friends since second grade. As founding members of the hip-hop crew Billionaire Block Boys, Tron had appeared on “Voicemail,” a popular skit off Scott’s first mixtape. The two had plans to collaborate again for Weekend in Los Vegas. On March 16, days before the meeting, Tron collapsed on a basketball court, felled by a sudden seizure. Unresponsive when an ambulance rushed him to the hospital, Tron woke and looked around for a few minutes before passing away.

He was 20.

I sat down with G-Scott during a video shoot for Weekend in Los Vegas in Bloomington in mid-April. Doug Funny, the military industrial complex and photosynthesis are topics of discussion. Scott’s music speaks to his peers in late high school and college dealing with the high highs and low lows that accompany the introduction to adulthood.

G-Scott handles the majority of the production on Weekend in Los Vegas, where the soulful, space-age beats showcase both Gary’s proximity to Chicago and Scott’s past aspirations to become a video game designer.

“I started out learning to design video games in junior. high and kept with it until about the middle of high school, when my focus switched to making music,” Scott says.

The Gibbs stamp of approval shouldn’t influence listener’s content expectations, as the signing is based more on musical respect and common city than similar subject matter.

But he doesn’t avoid talk of his city, and instead confronts its admittedly blemished reputation head on. When he’s talking about Gary, Scott says his window “only got shot through once.” He grew up in a working-class Christian home, the son of a mill worker and a mother who owns a babysitting company. His mother would not let him purchase parental advisory CDs when he was younger, which complicated his access to classic hip-hop. Instead, he grew up in the church, listening to gospel music, hymns and oldies.

He’s aware of preconceptions of Gary as a violent place, and acknowledges it in certain places, on one track rapping, “It’s either Arm and Hammer or armed with hammers.” But instead of getting caught up in the fear and violence, he uses himself and his lines as a foil against stereotypes and preconceptions about Gary. As he raps on Weekend in Los Vegas, “The streets taught us not what to do.”

“[My] whole message is no matter what your situation is, as long as you dream big, you can still make it out of wherever,” says G-Scott.

Scott mines the mystique and morality of drugs and alcohol for those who are open to learning lessons outside of school.

Some of these lessons are exhibited on his release, Weekend in Los Vegas, which is divided into three parts, marking Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Excitement and anticipation build to release Friday, but sunset brings the unexpected dismantling of a relationship. Cue the video to “The Market,” which channels the end of an affair in black and white. “The Market” was directed by Jeremy Wallace, better known as Jace, an Indianapolis videographer.

“G and I are to music video music videos what Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are to films, and if not [yet], then we will be soon,” says Jace.

Saturday finds G-Scott unattached, with a renewed determination to rally his spirits and celebrate freedom. “Folded” is a toast to life that shows the world at its best, a crossover single that samples Phoenix’s hit “1901.” The videos are key depictions of G-Scott’s aesthetic, which in this Young Wonder production, performs the remarkable feat of bringing pleasure to a place as mundane as a laundromat.

Yet, as consumption continues apace, the night transitions from being one that Scott won’t forget to one he may not remember. An ear tuned to the varieties of modern party rap allows G-Scott to gleefully create “Ha$h,” the hedonistic Pimp C tribute track with his personal, private strip - Nuvo - Indy's Alternative Voice

"G-Scott Debuts New 'Rich Broke' Video"

Indie rapper-producer G-Scott today released new visuals for "Rich Broke," off his forthcoming mixtape 1983. The video was directed by Lenny Parson and Turner Fair, produced by Jonny Amo and K-Twist.

The Indiana-based musician, one of our 2012 FutureSounds, has been working on 1983 for some time now, following previous releases The Billionaire Block Boy and Weekend in Los Vegas. His honest lyrics and straightforward approach have already afforded him the opportunity to open for acts like Travis Porter, Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa, as well as MTV’s Rapfix Live and Fuse TV’s Mixdown.

Be sure to keep an eye on this guy. 1983 arrives Jan. 30. - Variance Magazine

"The Break Presents: G-Scott"

July 4, 2012
The Break Presents: G-Scott
21-year-old Gary, Indiana native G-Scott has a story to tell and as he explains it, “Every chapter of that story will be told…”
Name: G-Scott
Age: 21
Reppin’: Gary, IN
I’ve Been rapping since: I first started producing and making beats in high school about 7 years ago. It all came together after college and blossomed I guess about 3 years ago when I started taking it all seriously and trying to pursue it music as a career.
My style and/or skills have been compared to: I have my own sound. My goal anytime I make a record is to not have someone say “Yo he sounds just like…,” but people have compared me to Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi simply cause of the style of music and because I’m from the Mid-west. But I’d like to think I can’t be compared. I’m just trying to do my own thing.
My standout records and/or moments have been: Performing at the Metro in Chicago with Chip Tha Ripper and Kid Cudi is still one of my standout moments. I remember about a year before that show I was there for a Curren$y concert thinking, “Yeah, I’m going to be on that stage one day killin sh*t.” And a year later… wala magic. As far as stand out records, I’d have to say “Folded.” It’s THAT record. We put it out along with a video before the release of my latest project “Weekend in Los Vegas” and the reception was great. We’re planning on releasing it on a wider scale so it gets the full attention it deserves.
I’m gonna change the game by: Changing the way people view and perceive hip-hop. In my opinion, the game has lost a lot of creativity as far as mainstream artists go (aside from the Kanye’s and Jay-Z’s of the game). I wanna show you can still be an artist and still have creativity and authenticity in your music without having to sacrifice “yourself” to sell records. I’ve got a story to tell, that only I can tell and every chapter of that story will be told.
I’d Like to Work With: John Mayer, Mayer Hawthorne, Coldplay, Timbaland, Outkast, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Cudi, The Neptunes, Cardo and Black Hippy.
My goal in hip-hop is: Is to reach the people. I’m not trying to be the best rapper alive or the most lyrical emcee. I honestly just want to be a great artist that at the end of the day touched somebody and made them feel like, “Yo this n*gga is talking to me right now; someone understands and feels what I’m going through.” I make music for the people with big dreams who don’t always know how to start reaching for them.
I’m gonna be the next: Next up out of Indiana, but I’m cool being the only G-Scott. - XXL Magazine

"SONIC BOOM: The Week's Hottest Music"

G-Scott ft. Njomza - “Fool’s Gold”
The 21-year-old rapper and producer hails from Gary, Indiana, and he’s signed to Freddie Gibbs Straight Slammin' label. He has been buzzing since 2009 after releasing a series of well-received mixtapes, and has shared the stage with acts like Wiz Khalifa, Travis Porter and more. “Fools Gold” is a release from his forthcoming album, 1983 (set for November). Njomza sings her heart out on the hook as G-Scott raps about the ups and downs of love and trying to figure out the meaning of life.
Download here.
More about G-Scott here.

Read more at EBONY http://www.ebony.com/photos/entertainment-culture/mml-draft-sonic-boom-the-weeks-hottest-music-123#ixzz2O95GkUvL
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"Midwest Rapper G-Scott Featured on A3C Vol. 2 iHopHop Compilation CD"

New York, NY – October 16, 2012 – Rising Gary, Indiana rapper G-Scott premieres new song ‘MMC’ featured exclusively on the A3C Volume 2 compilation CD. Following the success of 2011's A3C Volume 1, the Atlanta Hip Hop festival has partnered with iHipHop Distribution for A3C Volume 2. Released October 16, the compilation includes over 50 artists including the likes of Smoke DZA and Slum Village. The compilation is available on iTunes.
The Midwest emcee took the stage with band Scales at Perfect Attendance Showcase last Thursday, October 11 at A3C, presented by LiveMixtapes and Fadia Kader, and hosted by Good Music All Day. “I was excited to be a part of A3C and the compilation this year,” says G-Scott. “It’s an amazing feeling to go from wishing you could to actually making it there.”
Hosted by respected music site DJBooth, G-Scott’s new project ‘1983’ is expected sometime in November. With first single ‘Light Show’ already making waves, the single premiered on HotNewHipHop and peeked at #67 on HotNewHipHop’s Top 100 Songs, G-Scott is fast becoming an artist audience’s want to hear more from.
Says, G-Scott: “1983 is a transition from what Weekend in Los Vegas was.”WILV was about growth, becoming 21 and that whole experience, while 1983 is about what it’s like for me actually being an artist in the music business and in real world. It’s somewhat of a journal.”
"In an industry that is overpopulated with artists, who have no voice and nothing much to say, G-Scott needs to be heard. Listen and you'll understand." – DJ Z, VP/Editor-in-Chief, DJBooth.net.
Purchase A3C Volume 2 on iTunes
- A3C and iHipHop

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"G-Scott – The Billionaire Block Boy Mixtape"

You know the drill.. - ThatCKLife

"Artist Look: G-Scott – The Billionaire Block Boy Mixtape"

The kid G-Scott’s talent is evident just considering his resume, having opened for Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Travis Porter, and now with his freshman mixtape mixed down and ready for download the Billionaire Block Boy has no plans on stopping there. Not to mention, he’s a frequent of StayFreshOnline The Blog and we always show love when love is given.

If I remember correct, we actually met G-Scott at the Wild Hare a couple months back at the Big Sean concert with Hustle Simmons where he ripped the stage along with a few other up and coming acts, and the crowd was pleased with the artist from Gary Indiana. G-Scott is not only a writer and artist, but he produces most of his tracks and tracks for other artists as well. His new single “Poe’d Up” and mixtape promo track “Good Morning” have received great feedback from his fans and in the streets, and we encourage you to go check out his craft. Download the mixtape “The Billionaire Block Boy” with the links provided below. - StayFreshOnline

"G-Scott: “Good Morning” [Official] Music Video"

The Billionaire Block Boy Mixtape

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www.facebook.com/gscottking - BlogOrDie

"Artist Look: G-Scott “Outta Here” off The B.B.B. Vol. 2 “The Blackout”"

OUTTA HERE! G-Scott is back at it working on his second mixtape and installment to The Billionaire Block Boy series, set to release Vol. 2 “The Blackout” in October. Check out his new single “Outta Here” and be sure to click the link for download below.

G-Scott: Outta Here (Produced By G-Scott)

Off His Upcoming Project The “EverythingOrNothing” EP Dropping Early September And His 2nd Mixtape “The Billionaire Block Boy Vol.2 The Blackout” Dropping In October

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Get caught up with his music by downloading his 1st mixtape: The Billionaire Block Boy - http://limelinx.com/files/f63d19d19132d98828c7e6557ebb4cc1

The Billionaire Block Boy Vol.2 “TheBlackout” Coming This October

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Official Fan Page: www.facebook.com/gscottbbb

- Johnnie Fresh - StayFreshOnline

"[Music] G-Scott – Outta Here"

Off His Upcoming Project The “EverythingOrNothing” EP Dropping Early September And His 2nd Mixtape “The Billionaire Block Boy Vol.2 The Blackout” Dropping In October. Brought You By Illcityblog.com, WhatsInMyHeadphones.com, Ynotmydream.net and Promokid. Shouts to another one of Gary’s own. - CrackOfDawn

"G-Scott - Turnt Up Freestyle"

G-Scott Goes In On This 'All The Way Turnt Up' Beat And Murks It, Enjoy.
The Billionaire Block Boy Mixtape Coming Soon.
Download: G-Scott - Turnt Up Freestyle
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"{NEW BARS} G-Scott: "Outta Here""

Gerald Bailey (G-Scott) is a 19 Year Old College Student/Artist/Producer From Gary Indiana. Here we have "Outta Here" Off His Upcoming Project The "EverythingOrNothing" EP Dropping Early September. Get caught up with his music by downloading his 1st mixtape: The Billionaire Block Boy
The Billionaire Block Boy Vol.2 "TheBlackout" Coming This October
DOWNLOAD - G-Scott: "Outta Here" - DudeGotBars

"G-Scott - Outta Here"

Once you hear the intro to this track you will be hooked. G-Scott’s lyrics draw you in more and make this a great track to listen to.

Oh, below you can download his first mixtape The Billionaire Block Boy. It’s worth the download.

- Mega

DOWNLOAD: G-Scott - Outta Here
DOWNLOAD: G-Scott - The Billionaire Block Boy (Mixtape) - Hailmegatron.net

"G-Scott: “Outta Here” -EverythingOrNothing” EP"

Off His Upcoming Project The “EverythingOrNothing” EP Dropping Early September And His 2nd Mixtape “The Billionaire Block Boy Vol.2 The Blackout” Dropping In October

G-Scott: Outta Here (Produced By G-Scott)

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"25 Jan 2010 The Billionaire Block Boy.."

The Day Is Finally Here..

G. Scott's "Billionaire Block Boy" Mixtape Is Ready For Your Downloading & Listening Pleasure.

Download & Tell A Friend To Download. Tweet It & Tell A Friend To ReTweet It. You Get The Picture Right? Don't Miss Out On This Dopeness People.

G. Scott - "The Billionaire Block Boy" (Mixtape) - IllCityChicago

"Life Of A Billionaire Block Boy Ep.1 video"

G-Scott and friends(Featuring C3 and Scales) help in throwing a party (Sean And Caleb Palooza Part 2) in an attempt to film a music video for his single "Poe'd Up" off his mixtape "The Billionaire Block Boy". From the stages leading up the crazy party, to the random "poed up" moments lol Just watch and enjoy the 1st in this series of web video blogs from a aspiring college student/musical artist FOLLOW G-SCOTT(RAPPER/PRODUCER) ON TWITTER www.twitter.com/gscottking www.twitter.com/gscottking www.twitter.com/gscottking www.twitter.com/gscottking www.twitter.com/gscottking www.twitter.com/gscottking DOWNLOAD THIS BILLIONAIRE BLOCK BOY MIXTAPE - NME.com

"G. Scott x Big Sean"

Ayyyyeeee, so imma need all my Chicago Land area peeps to be at this show in support of my bestfriend G.Scott. He’s one of the opening artists opening for Big Sean this Friday, February 26th at The Wild Hare in Chicago. This is just the beginning folks! G. Scott has a promising career ahead of him and i’m just giving you the heads up. This way you can go to the show and be able to say in the future, “i remember him when he was juss startin out.” Go Go Go! Wish I could be there…have fun! - UrbanXBarbie

"Mixtape Download: G. Scott - "The Billionaire Block Boy" Mixtape"

G. Scott - "The Billionaire Block Boy"
1. Good Morning (Intro)
2. Welcome To Life Feat. Mic Smitty
3. SkyHigh
4. Famous
5. Poe'd Up
6. Facebook (Interlude)
7. Addictive Girl
8. Skype Me Feat. J. Cook
9. Major Motion Picture Feat. J. Cook
10. Basic Voicemail (Skit)
11. Bumped Your Head Feat. Matthew Gage
12. Like This, Like That
13. Standing Ovation (Clap For Me)
14. Making Love To The Mic Feat. Sha'Nelle
15. Everybody Hates G. Scott
16. We On
[Click Here To Download] - Onthatnoise.com

"G-Scott - Outta Here"

“Outta Here” is the first joint from G-Scott’s ”Everything Or Nothing” EP, which he debuted last week while opening for Chip Tha Ripper during his Gift Raps Tour in in Chicago. - Ashley Outrageous

"G-Scott: Outta Here"

Last night I would have brought you this joint but I fell asleep on my chair, smh! Lets start the morning off with it though. I give you what is “Outta Here,” off G-Scott’s upcoming mixtape “The Blackout.” Keep it locked for more from the tape. - ynotmydream.net

"G-Scott “Outta Here” by marc"

G-Scott is a 19 year-old up-and-coming emcee/producer from Gary, IN. He’s opened for Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Chip Tha Ripper and many others. And that’s only the beginning. Get familiar (c) Clinton Sparks - MostlyJunkFood

"Outta Here"

Check out artist/producer, G-Scott, newest single, Outta Here, from his upcoming EP, EverythingOrNothing! I like this track! I def could bump this in the car or hear it in the club. Well maybe friends can hear it in the club, not really a clubber. He repping for the college students, so I'm down! Really like the production, which he did himself! Dopeeee! Def check it out people! Enjoy!!!

EverythingOrNothing drops early September and follow him on Twitter for more at @gscottking - The Girl They Call Es

"Ya Yah 'Just Me' album leads new music update"

"Down below, the new music update continues with Gary, Indiana up and comer G-Scott on the self-produced "Outta Here". The sick, uptempo production is addicting right off the bat for a solid tune that could have benefited from more originality and/or a shorter outro. While not perfect, it's still a nice listen." - ChicagoNow

"Andra 'White Swans' f/ Lupe Fiasco leads new music update"

"Down below lies a handful of tracks and vids each as up and comer G-Scott continues things below with a track named after today's date. Some solid flows on the first leak off his upcoming The Blackout" - ChicagoNow


Still working on that hot first release.



25-year-old rapper and producer G-Scott hails from the historical city that hasn’t birthed megastars since the Jackson family. Luckily, “Gary’s new hero” is here to change that. Working on his 5th full-length release "Scott Bailey vs. The Universe" due out early 2017, the young emcee is steadily working towards his big break.


“That’s a dope beat; that beat is crazy. I like the video too.” – Prodigy, Mobb Deep


Once an aspiring video game designer, Gerald “G-Scott” Bailey started making music at the age of 15 during his freshman year of high school. What started as a summer hobby quickly transformed into a passion and "G-Scott" the rapper/producer was born. Self-taught in Fruity Loops, Reason 3 and 4 and Adobe Audition, throughout high school he became known as the “go-to-guy” for production to the upcoming rappers. However, it wasn't until senior year that Scott began to take his lyrical ability seriously.


"G-Scott's word play is what caught my attention. He's very articulate, has very good content and is definitely somebody to look out for." - Freddie Gibbs


After his first semester at Indiana University Northwest, G-Scott released his first project “The

Billionaire Block Boy.” The tape was met with warm reception on several blog sites and Scott has been buzzing on the hip-hop scene since. He followed up with "Scott Bailey vs. The World" and "The Michael G. Scott EP". Some of his most notable performances have been opening for Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Willie The Kid, Chip Tha Ripper, Travis Porter, XV, Lil Uzi Vert, Wale and Young Thug. Scott has also worked with Naldege of Kidz in the Hall, GLC and Boldy James.


In 2012 he was signed to Freddie Gibbs’ imprint Str8 Slammin' and released his most notable project "Weekend in Los Vegas.” The project extremely successful, garnering attention from the likes of XXL, HotNewHipHop, The Source, Red Bull Music, MTV, Fuse TV, as well as notable A&R's and music executives. Scott continued to do what he has a deep passion for and released a series of full-length albums and EPs on his own - "1983" (LP), "Nostalgia: Flight 222" (EP) and "8-Bit Scott” (EP).


Staying true to who he is; just a regular guy who works, goes to school, has girlfriend issues, and works through the trials and tribulations of young adulthood, Scott has amassed a loyal fan base with little to no backing or major label. With his 5th full-length project and a tour in the works as well as some very influential eyes watching over his movement, G-Scott is expected to be a musical force coming out of Indiana bringing a refreshing and much needed sound to hip hop and music.


"My music is me; a mixture of conscious, real life satire and honest emotion over true production. I strive to be more than a rapper. I'm an artist painting a portrait of the world as I see it" - G-Scott

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