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Just trying to take all negative stuff from my life and turn it into white through music and jokes,which are provocative sometimes as i'm blowing up to my music too


Rude Boy aka G-SCUM is a rapper/producer from Greece. He started listening to rap music when he was 13 years old and a year later he felt like jumping into it. After years of self-construction to his style and after his first big performance to a festival for school-bands (SCHOOLWAVE) at the age of 17, he dropped on 2011 his debut album 'ABUSIVE EP',which was exclusively produced by him and recorded/full-mastered at Eversor's studio. His influences on the beats come mainly from the west sound and as a rapper he wants to drop a different sound from what is going on nowadays mainstream stage.


ABUSIVE EP www.reverbnation.com/gscum

Produced a track for Smarts Music's album ''Political Party'' the ''Another Chapter'' song and mixed/mastered his album http://soundcloud.com/smartsmusic/sets/political-party

Produced and mixed/mastered for Slim Picken's, the song C.I.A http://soundcloud.com/slimpickens7/c-i-a-prod-by-g-scum