Gs Dub

Gs Dub

 Columbus, Ohio, USA
BandHip Hop

I feel like I am doing something that has been brought up in the fire of Christ to win souls back for his kingdom. He is using new things and tactics to get the attention of the new generations...and that is what they need.


Born in Columbus Ohio, at age 26, Derrick has lived the world for two life times, always having one foot hot and the other cold. It wasn’t until having the chance to see his first beautiful daughter born, he decided to turn his life around. He didn’t want his baby following his footsteps of mayhem. This process made a lot of his friends disappear and be angry with him for choosing a different lifestyle. Thru all of his trials and tribulations he has always known there has been a light on the inside of his darkness. Now, he’s come to take back the youth, with hot lyrics and encourage everyone to stay focused on the right path. My challenge is to minister to the spiritually deaf and blind is his main target. To be a vessel for God to use for the kingdom. GSW….(God’s Secret Weapon) is ready to go above and beyond to pull souls away from temptation of evil. To let our youth know God is real and that they can substitute that temporary love for an unconditional love with Jesus. To let it be known that you can still be cool and serve God, u can still have fun and serve God and you can still make money and serve an almighty God. To confirm that there is a place called heaven, beyond all this hell…..AMEN.


Gs Dub Time to serve 2008 featuring Holy Dough and I'm found

Set List

During a typical 30 minute set we require 2 mircophones , ample space for a DJ , a sound system and space for two dancers.