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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Christian




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Joseph G. Cappelli (Born November 9th, 1990), Who Records under the
name Gsep Music. Gsep Is a East coast rapper, Songwriter, producer and
currently a independent artist. He was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
and began his music career in 2010. Inspired by anything he sees in the
world, staying relevant to any current situations and giving his out
look on things by bringing a new flow, a new style, and most of all a
testimony that puts you on the edge of your seat. Gsep is an artist who
wants to bring the true meaning of positive Hip Hop to the industry. By
bringing his faith in the mix of every line he writes, but he is not
here to shove religion down peoples throuts but just giving people hope
and uplifting them through there every day struggles.
        But in
Gsep's past he went through different trials and tribulations in his
life that made him what he is today. But his true life test came in to
play after he graduated from Freedom High school in 2009. He then moved
to Miami Dade and attended schooling at Barry University. But as he was
going down to Miami, he was bringing a positive mind set to go to school
and live the so called American dream as a young adult. But after
couple weeks of being down there his life went for a total spin and he
started living a lifestyle that he was never in before. From hustling on
the streets, doing drugs, and to then being in a deep depression of who
he has become in such a short period of time. Gsep Then called one of
his friends Jon McNeil, who he grew up with since he was 4 years old,
telling him everything he was doing and the path he was now going down.
But in the back of Gsep's mind he was expecting Jon to hang up on him,
but He said to Gsep "I'll Pray for you Bro". Yes these words open Gsep's
mind to what he was doing was wrong but it also pulled him deeper into
his depression, because he started to notice the lies he was feeding his
family and friends back home, to then wanting to end his life all
together. So after all this happened Gsep was going back home that next
week to visit his family for Thanksgiving, but mainly to see them for
the last time before he ended his life. So as Gsep finally arrived to
his home town on a Monday he desided to go to his old youth group he
went to before he moved to Miami, so on that Thursday the day before he
heads back to college, he went there to see his friends that he hasn't
seen in a while. But as he was there his pastor started preaching a
topic to everyone about how the life we live everyday was never suppose
to be easy. That no matter if your rich or poor we all go through
problems in our life. But what we must do is stay true to our self, take
off that mask and get back up when we fall, brush it off and just keep
moving. That even through are worst God is still there to guide us away
from these ruff times, and give us hope that everything is gonna be
okay. But that we must always keep faith no matter what, even if we cant
see what may happen in the future, but that today we are able to make
it better than the day before. After Gsep heard this message, He then
got the motivation to move from Miami to back home to start his life
over. But coming home it still wasn't easy, because late at night Gsep
would wake up going thru withdraw from the drugs he was doing before,
but now instead of turning to it he kept faith in this process that
everything was gonna be ok. But in that process he started writing
everything he was going through and things he has been through, which
then became one of his first songs he ever wrote called "God is
Supreme". Meaning that no matter the size of the mountain that may stand
in your way of succeeding, as long as you stay positive and keep faith
God will remove any obstacles in your way as walk your life journey.
Now after all these years, and after that single moment in Gsep's Life,
has been on radios stations around the country, working with top
producers, going city to city state to state sharing his testimony
through his music, by keeping faith and living everyday to the fullest,
But most of all Gsep is ready to show the world "Life as I know it"
through every line, every rhyme, and every bar till his last breathe here on earth.

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