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G-Sep was born as Joe Garrity on November 9 1990. He is a hip-hop artist, but the music he makes is not the type of music that would be played on a radio, but the music he makes is considered "true life music". His Music is not to show you a life of flash and glamour but to show you a life of truth and faith. He is an artist for his father Jesus Christ. But before his career in music he did not kn
ow Christ and did nothing with music. G-Sep was living a life of confusion, not knowing what a lie was or what truth was. In 2009 his senior year at Freedom high school in Bethlehem, Pa he met people with the Christian faith. They invited G-Sep to their church and he also attended the bible studies every week. It wasn't long but G-Sep was starting to enjoy the Christian life style. He then accepted Christ as his savior in March of 2009. He Graduated From his high school in June of 2009 and then moved to Miami, FL to study at Barry University.

When G-Sep Got down to Miami his faith was put to a test that he was never ready for. A test that his walk with Christ was not strong enough to handle. His Fire for Christ was nothing but a small candle to the Devil and His sight of Christ was no more. He feels in to temptation with drugs, drinking, partying, and many other things. As time went on he started getting deeper into drugs and was just fed up with his life. He talked to one of his Friends Jon McNeil back home in Bethlehem, Pa. His Friend Excepted Christ while G-Sep was down in Miami. G-Sep did not think anything of it though. He then told his friend about what he has been doing down at school. And his friend started becoming very concerned. His Friend said something that got G-Sep's attention. He said "I will pray for you bro". When G-Sep heard this he started hating himself for what he has done. He started seeing all the people that he was hurting that cared so much about him. He then started getting suicidal thoughts. He planned on coming home for Thanksgiving vacation to say bye for the last time to his family n friends. Then go back to Miami and commit suicide.

When he got home, he was wearing this mask of lies. Being fake to the people around him. People asking him how school was and G-Sep answering that everything was going great. But really knowing deep inside him was dying slowly. That week back at home he went to youth Group to see his friends. He also saw his Friend Jon. G-Sep was so surprised to see the change Jon had. He wanted to have that change; he wanted to feel that fire. As he sat to listen to the message, he started to hear the youth pastor's voice fading away and then another voice started to tune in. But this voice was speaking write to his soul, it was speaking truth. He then started to realize that killing himself was not the answer, but to come home n serve his Lord Jesus Christ. So with no second thoughts he did just that. But one thing that he brought back from Miami was something he was starting to have a great interest for and that was music. But the music he was doing down in Miami was about the drugs, drinking and partying. So he thought why not does this music to serve Christ, why not do this music to help the people that were falling like he has. So then it began, G-Sep a music artist to show his love for Christ and people all around the world.
In 2012 G-Sep joins EICJ Records with Steadman the CEO. They have produce Mix Tapes and a Video and have done shows in the Bethlehem PA try area. You can find more info on