Geoff Sharp

Geoff Sharp


Aberdeenshire based experienced singer/songwriter and musician. Music comprises acoustic guitar led songs, most tracks original (covers also), range of music styles from pop to rock via folk and country. Beautiful ballads and soulful tracks, thought provoking lyrics and an individual sound.


I don't have a crazy biographical story of ups and downs on the road to being a musician. I could make one up, but that would be a bit sad.
I've always crammed my life as a musician and my gigging exploits into my spare time, so no 'three week long drug binge on a coach' stories here I'm afraid. Sorry about that.
I've gigged with several bands over the last ten years and I always loved the on-stage buzz, but somewhere along the way I reached a point where I just wanted to play my own stuff my own way... so that's what I'm doing now.

Right now I have a normal (happy) life and a normal (cold and boring) job. I survive the 9 to 5.
When I'm not working I play music. Gigs, open mic nights, parties, other people's kitchen floors... because I love what I do and others seem to love it too.
I write and perform emotionally charged ballads, soulful songs, gritty hard-hitting songs and a few that lean toward social commentary... its something that fulfills me in a way no 9 to 5 job ever has.
My songs can make people laugh and cry, cheer them up when they're down and help them rage when they really need to get angry about that breakup.... they say music heals the soul... well it certainly helps.

If I had the chance, i'd do nothing but write and perform music 'til I'm far too old and ugly to get away with it, so here I am. This is me.
Check out my music, and if you like it... give me the chance.


Demo Cd: 8 track solo cd released 2008
(13 track album in production.)

Demo tracks (streaming)
Damp days, 6 o'clock in the morning, Dance with my shadow,The weekender, Don't you know, Carol Anne.
Damp Days, The weekender, 6'oclock in the morning, Dance with my shadow, Still be in love

Indie Live radio have played tracks recently, dj requested them after visiting my myspace page.

Around 30 tracks are in production and mastering stage at the moment, all original. Writing and recording is ongoing.

Set List

Typical Original Setlist :
6 O'clock in the morning, Dance with my shadow, Still be in love, Don't you know, Takes all kinds, Never part, I'm gone, Love, So close, Friend can't win, Takin' the..., Help each other out, All going on, The weekender, What's going on, Damp days, Carol Ann, Sometimes, When I'm with you, World looked away. Plus others.
Original setlist = 1.5 to 2 hours playing time.

Typical Covers setlist:
Big yellow taxi, This years love, Mrs Robinson, Basketcase, Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Boxer, Take it easy, The Gambler, 15 years, Delilah, Babylon, Wish you were here, Hotel California, Hallelujah, fishermans Blues, etc.
Covers setlist = around 1.5 hours playing time.