Englishtown, New Jersey, USA

My band's music is grunjapunkafunkadelic rock'n'rap'n'roll. We destroy the ears of innocent bystanders with soul ripping riffs of aircraft speeds. We summon extraterrestrials to pop down from the sky just to say "Hey, man. can we get some of that?" The legs of many a lady open up and cry "G SHOK!!"


Well. It just so happens that one fateful night I decided to write unusually repetitious original guitar riffs. As I carried on a wayward son, I stumbled across a man who played the drums and a man who played the bass. Together we played several shows at our Kutztown University dining hall. With that experience we evolved to the point of coppin' gigs at the Allentown, PA Crock Rock. Unfortunately we were only able sock-rock the joint twice. Stealing the souls of those in our presence. The semester then ended abruptly and left us forced home to our parents with no resources to continue our embarkment on a Rock and Roll journey. None of us had jobs, loot, or decent equipment. (We relied on the amp-heads of bands we would open for in a big gig venue setting). We were supposed to open for "Lil' Kim" at the Crock Rock in late June however our financial and transportational troubles consumed our opportunity. It was a real bummer. But we don't feel the Rock Gods turned their backs on us--yet. As of now we have just some amateur recordings of quasi-decent quality that can be heard at www.battleofthebands.com/g_shok and www.myspace.com/deadlinesuck. Rock. We are extremely undeveloped. Unsigned. Not managed. Not promoted. (no loot)

Rock and Roll.


singles include:

"Ride The Cheetah"
"Ride The Cheetah pt. II"
"New Sneakers & Shwag"
"Raw Dog"
"Try To Make It Right"
"Endoplasmic Ridiculous"
"Fly Paper"
"Praying Mantis"
"High School ReUnion"
"I Remember"
"Snak Rap Attak"
"Green Willow" (The Battle of G~SHOK)
"Stuck In Place"
"G~SHOK at the Do'"

We don't have streaming radio play.