Athens, Alabama, USA
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G Side is a group that has changed music, by remaining true to their Southern roots, as they set sail into rap's never ending quest to be the best.


When Stephen Harris aka ST 2 Lettaz met David Williams aka Yung Clova at the Boys and Girls Club in Athens, Alabama, they never imagined they would come together to form the rap duo known as G-Side. Clova grew up in an area saturated in crime and drug activity known as Box Alley while ST grew up a street apart in Acklen Hill. Both young men endured many hardships throughout their childhood including poverty, lack of father figures, drug abuse within the family and even homelessness. ST found himself inside the foster care system for 3 years after losing his mother to thyroid cancer when he was 15. Nevertheless, through the struggles, pain and adversities they still found an outlet in music that gave them a positive enough outlook to stay motivated despite the odds surrounding them. Those very struggles empowered the duo to do something affirmative with their lives.

Influenced by rappers such as 8-Ball & MJG, UGK, Scarface, Outkast, Geto Boys, Master P and 2 Pac, in 1999, ST and Clova began to write, rap and perform together as G-Side. Eventually the two developed their own style of lyrics and delivery. ST focused on touching his fans with issues close to home related to his own struggles in life while Clova focused lyrically on the finer things to come. With an initial lack of confidence in the beginning, it took the advice of another local rapper named Lil’ Hunter to challenge the two impressionable youth enough to evolve into both strong performers and men.

Over the years, Clova and ST began to work on their craft. After several unanswered emails and contact attempts, the persistent pair finally met with a producer in nearby Huntsville, Alabama known as CP, one half of the Block Beattaz. This chance meeting would lead to an undeniable studio chemistry that fueled their 2007 debut entitled Sumthin 2 Hate, which had a warm reception locally due to the trunk-friendly production. Capitalizing off their newfound indie success, G-Side followed right back up in 2008 with the much heralded Starshipz & Rocketz that showcased not only more stellar production from Block Beattaz, but lyrical growth from both ST & Clova. However the baby steps between S2H and S&R pale in comparison to the leaps and bounds G-Side would make artistically going into the November 2009 release of their most critically acclaimed project entitled Huntsville International. The HIP garnered rave reviews from the likes of Pitchfork, The Fader, countless blogs and even the New York Times. The critical praise of G-Side's 3rd album increased demand for appearances so much that the group spent the majority of the first half of 2010 performing for crowds abroad and overseas in places such as Oslo, Norway and Canada. They also went on to become the only Hip Hop act to perform on the NPR stage at the SXSW Music Festival. As the year dwindled to a close, G-Side spent the latter half of 2010 in the Block Beattaz "Speed Of Sound" recording facilities crafting One...The Cohesive Album, which was released appropriately on 1/1/11. Fans and critics alike had been boiling over in anticipation for the follow-up to their '09 masterpiece. One continues the tradition of not disappointing with the trunk-rattling bass, obcure samples, introspective storytelling and bravado G-Side listeners have grown accustomed to. The success of the new "cohesive" album proves that these guys are soon to be a staple in Hip Hop.

Although G-Side is now four albums into their discography, they are still viewed as newcomers to the mass majority of music fans and industry gatekeepers. Despite the classic catalogue of solid releases, the group name still invokes a response of unfamiliarity among those on the outside of a very privileged inner circle. While G-Side has come very far, there is no misinterpretation that they still have very far to go. Now in a position to open doors for others on their independent label, Slow Motion Soundz, ST & Clova have a renewed sense of purpose when it comes to making music. Before it was about representing Alabama, which is clear they've always done even when it wasn't fashionable. However now, the focus has shifted to creating opportunities and representing greatness. Given their track record, its evident that they are on their way to doing just that.


2007- Sumthin 2 Hate (Itunes)
2008 - Starshipz and Rocketz (Itunes)
2009 - Huntsville International (Free on the Internet)
2011- One...The Cohesive Album

Set List

An average G-Side show is 30 minutes to an hour. The typical set list would be:
Youth of the Ghetto
In The Rain
Speed of Sound
College Chicks
Im Sorry
Hit The Block
Huntsville International
Feel The
Run Thingz
many more