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"Indie Music Magazine"

Come Here, Go Away
"High energy, fun, sexy, slutty rock-n-roll! With style! "A little decadent and dirty," the band, G-Spot, is fronted by singer/songwriter Gail Silverman. She says of herself, "... I'm not Britney..." Well, Gail is not terrible to look at either and I'd guess she'd be a lot more fun to party with than Britney. She's certainly a lot smarter and she can really sing! I get the feeling she doesn't like to be compared with other artists and I'm sure the reason is it just doesn't do her justice... but I simply have to! Of the artists she says she's not, the only one I'd lump her with is Janis Joplin (but more contemporary). With the energy of Pat Benatar, the pure good-girl/bad-girl sexiness of Sheryl Crow and just a touch of early Sheila E. circa 1984, The Glamorous Life – but a lot more alt-rock-punkier – this girl can't miss. I can’t pick a favorite track! Every track on this CD is hotter than Britney’s and Christina’s hottie-hot pants sexy good looks combined..."

Score: 5 Stars!

- Kelly Mctiernan


G-Spot Limited Edition EP
"Lead singer...Gail Silverman is friendly, bubbly and so honest and pure that it makes you want to cry.
Gail's powerhouse voice, is definitely unique... This is one band that has the power to move you - their music makes you want to laugh, dance, twirl around in an ecstatic whirl of joy. It’s almost no surprise that they call themselves G-Spot, with the level of energy and suggestion in their music, they’re sure to hit it every time!"
- Elizabeth Palik


Come Here Go Away
"Excellent musicianship throughout by all. Believe it. This is ONE cool CD...clever riffs, smart arrangements well played and yeah Gail belting and convincing the listener of her cause... The writing is great. Just the right bridges when you need one, the right grooves to keep it moving. Plus the vocals fit like a glove. Amen sis! ...This CD is a winner!" Shredmistress Rynata, Femuse.com - Shredmistress Rynata


Come Here Go Away
“Nothing could have prepared me for what I would hear. Come Here, Go Away is a raw, passionate, and often off kilter riot act disguised as an album. G-Spot has evolved into a loud, in your face, take over the world rock band and they have never sounded better!” - Mark Fisher

"Rikks Reviews"

Come Here Go Away
"Fierce, driven punk rock. That's the idea, not that modern-rock cross-over crap that is being force fed to the masses, this is pure adrenaline filled, dirty, gritty, and sexy...G-Spot may be fronted by Gail Silverman (with original Bass player Donald Dixon), but Come Here, Go Away has balls! G-Spot has as much fire as the Ramones delivered in the 1970s with the added intensity and playfulness of Joan Jett, the Runaways days. Come Here, Go Away gets in your face, and doesn't let up, a fun, angry, and at times turbulent CD that WILL grab ya!...this is the real deal, do you think you're ready for it ?" ( 5.5 Stars out of 6 )

- Rikk


Come Here Go Away
“Gail Silverman and G-Spot are a band many of us can really get behind. Plus the music kicks ass… If you like your rock a bit hard and punky, but with meaningful intelligent lyrics (how often does that happen?) then G-Spot is for you." - Amy Lotsberg


Sweet Summer Sweat Showcase
"G Spot Band's motto is "Have You Had The Experience? Experience The Pleasure" and they do not fall short. It is impossible to put into words the energy this band emits on stage. This is a show you must see for yourself…Gail's stage presence is remarkable, it is as if she transforms into a sensual and sexual, yes sexual, Diva on stage. The crowd is really in tune to the music and you can tell by the smiles on their faces that they are enjoying themselves. The best way to summarize G Spot Band's set is that for forty minutes they never lose a bit of energy and keep the crowd's attention. Gail is also a storyteller on stage and is right at home telling the audience the story behind some of the songs. When you get the chance stop in and see G Spot, they will not disappoint, and afterwards you'll have the energy to do just about anything…" - Dennis Halsey

"FM Sound"

Live Show
"G-Spot, who’s driving energy is Gail Silverman, makes an immediate impression. She is a petite woman with long, wavy, crimson hair who knows how to shake it onstage and how to really rock out as the front-woman of an all-male band… besides the awesome music, the show was an amazing display of a level of energy that could melt metal. The band has fun together, which is what I really love to see, and the musicianship is top-notch. I recommend stopping by at her next gig to see what this feminine phenomenon is all about…" - Kim Chase

"Issues Magazine"

G-Spot Limited Edition EP
“Their musicianship is top flight. They are an excellent band with strong musical influences and diverse tastes that show up in every song! The songs are well structured & played to perfection. This is definitely a group you should check out…This CD is definitely better than what most major label acts have to offer…Why they haven’t been picked up by a label is unknown to me… G-Spot has what it takes to eventually merit a Grammy and I hope they keep at it long enough for me to see that happen!” - Earl Dingman


Come Here Go Away
“with this album Gail Silverman truly finds her place in music…this album has it all, it’s spontaneous, passionate, well-written, and has plenty of the elusive “special something” that pushes it over the edge…” - Annette Warner


Experience the Pleasure - Debut Release - 2000
Limited Edition EP featuring singles Revolutionary & Reach For Me - released 2003
Come Here Go Away 2004
Single "Faith" 2009 - more to come!

Videos of new songs from the 2007 tour are available
So Much Noise
Step Away



In addition to being the Founder or the Girls Rock & Girls Rule, an organization dedicated to creating exposure for women in hard rock, G-spot’s front woman Gail Silverman is a sexy siren, with a spiritual twist. She commands her audience’s attention by juxtaposing her sassy wit & naked vulnerability, her magnetism & enlightenment, her wrath & passion, with a no-holds barred delivery of emotion. G-spot has been on the NYC Indie music scene for more then ten years, fueled by the passion & relentless dedication of their founder & lead singer, Gail Silverman. With her original bass player, Donald Dixon, loyally by her side, the band & music continue to grow evolve & flourish! Historically G-spot has offered listeners a punky, rock-pop, hi-energy wild roller coaster ride that takes listeners from one peak to the next, leaving them catching their breath & wanting more. Think Janis Joplin meets the Donnas, with an attitude & an edge reminiscent of rock divas such as Joan Jett.

G-spot has released two CDs, Experience the Pleasure & Come Here Go Away. "Come Here Go Away" offers a rock-pop, hi-energy wild roller coaster ride that takes it’s listeners from one peak to the next, leaving them catching their breath, & wanting to go back on the ride again & again. It's got a vibe that's as much No Doubt as it is the Donnas, but has an attitude & an edge reminiscent of rock divas such as Joan Jett and Janis Joplin. Both CD's as well as their live performances have received rave reviews.

In addition to captivating East Coast audiences G-spot has caught the attention of the Film & TV industry. The title track of their CD “Come Here, Go Away” was featured on A&E’s Rollergirls, & their songs Revolutionary & Even the Mighty Fall were in the Independent feature film, Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy.

However more recently Gail has been delving into new material playing Unplugged solo performances that feature new material that explores life’s big questions and mysteries and showcases a softer side. In 2009 Gail released a new single “Faith”, gorgeous and relatable in its message and simplicity building to a lush finish and crosses genres with a broad audience appeal hitting them right at their Heart Center. Moving forward expect lots of new material filled with unexpected twists and turns that are signature Gail/G-spot and more new tracks to be released.

In 2002, Gail created Revolutionary Records, to support G-spot & other independent artists, creating an environment to bring to the surface fantastic under-the-radar talent. One of their initial efforts was the Girls Rock & Girls Rule. For almost 9 years Girls Rock & Girls Rule has continued its mission of creating awareness and exposure for independent female artists while helping women in the community. Girls Rock & Girls Rule began as a single event in NYC in 2002 and the toured extensively from 2006-2008 up and down the East Coast. Although still putting together showcases in the NY area, currently GRGR is focusing its efforts on building opportunities for exposure for lady rockers in the digital community. The GRGR Rock Hotsheet, (their monthly newsletter) and the GRGR website offer the ultimate resources for lady rockers and their fans.

Expect to hear a lot more about G-spot and Girls Rock & Girls Rule then you can say, “I told you so” when you predicted they’d be the next most anticipated & hottest thing on the indie music scene! Remember all we ask is you “experience the pleasure”

(www.myspace.com/gspotband) (www.myspace.com/girlsrockgirlsrule)