g spot tornado

g spot tornado


G Spot Tornado was first formed by three friends in the year 2000 in CT. Their sound is a unique fusion of different musical sounds including Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Drum n' Bass, and their own high octane Funk.


G - Spot Tornado was formed by three friends as a one time/ one gig at a dive bar in CT in the year 2000. After about a year since then, the band got back together to play at a college party and feeling the groove they were putting out, decided to get more serious about playing.
All three members come from different musical backgrounds, and when they are put together, it becomes a unique fusion that is truly an original. The trio has a unique blend of rock, funk, jungle, jazz, dub reggae, and death metal. This sound is achieved from each band members’ different musical influences. Dustin’s guitar playing has roots in rock, funk, and psychedelia while Matt’s bass sound is influenced by jazz, jungle, and reggae. Alani, a death metal drummer at heart, brings heaviness to the G Spot sound which completes the madness the band calls High Octane Funk. Playing in bars and colleges in CT, the band has developed a steady fan base in areas of the state. Toad’s Place, The Webster Theatre, and Porter’s are a few venues that the band has conquered. They have also shared stages with the likes of The Breakfast, Shakedown, Gordon Stone Band and Jen Durkin and the Bomb Squad. The band has also recorded two full length CD’s with engineer Matt Vallo. One is entitled “The Funk Before the Storm” which is a studio album that was recorded in spring 2003 and consists of 8 original songs. The other is a live recording form a Toad’s Place gig in December 2003. You can hear songs from these albums on 88.7 WNHU and on the local band show on 99.1 WPLR.
As of now, the band is creating new music and plans to get back into the studio for another album while continuing to play and promote shows, and build a larger fan base.



Written By: G spot

Cuttin through the snow its the northern way to go icy mountain top can you feel my funky flow its colder than an eksimo it ain't gonna stop me no from avalanchin down the mountain side
dont pull up in front of me speed so fast whit blur is all I see swervin like a centipede surfin a high speed and avalanchin down the mountain side
Out of bed make sure that youre good and fed shake those demons out your head sharpen up your board make it look nice and clean I think you know just what I mean
Before you know you got to go and ride down the mountain of your life its what makes me drive all the demons out inside

When summertime comes around baby we'll dance in the sun not a worry on our mind cruisin downtown now baby feelin alright
never know what you might find


G spot Tornado - "Live @ Toad's Place 2003"
88.7 WUNH New Haven college radio - whole album
G Spot Tornado - "The Funk Before the Storm" 8 song EP.
99.1 Rock WPLR "Everything you know is Wrong" from "The Funk Before the Storm"

Set List

Our setlist is primarily made up of originals that are on our album however since then we've played about another album's length of material that is not recorded yet. If we have a 45 min to an hour and a half set, then we do all originals and maybe one cover. We do break out with some covers for the bar gigs, however, including some memorable video game music, which usually means two sets of an hour and a half . Our originals include: (From "The Funk Before The Sorm")
G Spot - Drinking Game - Everything you know is wrong - Planets - lunar moth stomp - avalanche - El Camino - Lonny's Spaceship
(unrecorded) Fill My Soul - Spy Song - Metroidome - Time Change - The Ringer - Juggernaut- and Naked
Covers: Cheap Sunglasses - zztop
Mr. Oysterhead - Oysterhead
Walking on the moon - the Police
so lonely - the police
Alive - Pearl Jam
One of these Days - Pink Floyd
Money - Pink Floyd
All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan
Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix
a Reverand