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Hull, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Hull, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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"Almous Famous: A Night with the GST Cardinals"

The Crofton
Kensington, London

A couple of my friends from the Boston University British Programme and I had been talking about spending a night out at a gig in a pub in London to help support the local British music scene since we arrived here, but we had not quite found a band that we were interested in seeing – that is, until last night.

After searching online for pubs featuring live music, we stumbled across an event called “Panda Power” at a small, hole-in-the-wall venue called The Social (by Oxford Circus). “Panda Power” showcased a collection of five different bands and a DJ who spun mashups between sets. Unfortunately, we did not get to the venue in time to catch the first two bands, but managed to watch three full sets by LEKIDDO Lord of the Lobsters, GST Cardinals, and Daytona Lights. I bought myself a whiskey-double on the rocks, and sat down to engross myself with the sights and sounds of these three distinctively unique acts.

LEKIDDO Lord of the Lobsters can only be described as an African American version of David Bowie a la Ziggy Stardust except with lobsters. I am not sure that statement actually makes any sense, but if you saw him in person, you would know exactly what I mean. He didn’t break his smile the entire time he performed, and for the remaining time he stayed in the venue, floating around from table to table to collect email addresses and promote his work. His work was predominantly focused on singing about having fun by the beach in the summer weather, while gyrating his hips and arms in a suggestive manner. He wore a black t-shirt with a lobster on it, and also had a golden cape with the same lobster image screen-printed on it. Listen to his music here: (

Then, the GST Cardinals took the stage. Decked out in leather jackets, band t-shirts, and scandalously tight pants, the GST Cardinals just oozed an edgy/grungy type of sex appeal that was undeniably irresistible. I sat in the front, sipping on yet another whiskey-double on the rocks, ready to let my eyes and ears enjoy what they had to offer. From the first guitar lick it became readily apparent to me that these boys knew how to have a good time and engage the audience, whether it be comedic banter with people in the crowd or bringing the performance to their level by running off of the stage and into the mass of fans. Dave’s (a strapping Jim Sturgess look-alike) vocals sound very similar to a mixture of Paul McCartney and the Gallagher brothers with a punk-rock twinge. The other musicians, Matt and Alex on guitar, Liam on bass, and Ollie on drums, created a musical ambiance that is reminiscent of The Kooks. Their performance leaves you feeling like an addict, desperately craving more of a pleasurable fix. Listen to their music here: (

Now, unfortunately, I do not remember much from the Daytona Lights set. Not because I had consumed yet another whiskey-double on the rocks, but because, by some brilliant turn of events, I happened to befriend some of the members of GST Cardinal’s. I do, however, remember them being quite good, but lackluster or pallor in comparison to their predecessors. It was unfortunate that they had to follow up the GST Cardinals, because I do believe their performance would have been a bit more exciting to listen to had they not been headlining. Listen to their music here: (

Daytona Lights began performing a slow ballad, to which I began waltzing with one of my friends who had accompanied me to the performance. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Liam and Matt of GST Cardinals waltzing, spinning, and dipping their way in our direction. It was an adorable way to gain our attention, and we continued conversation with them up until they had to leave to sell merchandise outside of the venue. Liam teased me about my whiskey drinking, stating that Jack Daniels was not an appropriate whiskey and that I should opt for drinking Jameson instead.

We made our way outside of the venue after the bar made last rounds, and met up with the boys again outside; this time with the rest of their band, as well as their tour manager. After making a bit more small talk with them, and encouraging them to break into the US market by booking shows in Boston and New York, they invited us out with them to a club in the SoHo section of London. By going with them, they were able to get us on the guest list, enabling us to get into the club free of cost.

The club was alright. Every dance club that I go to in London is pretty lackluster in comparison to the shit-show all night dance clubs that were present in Barcelona. The Brits may be able to outdrink the Spaniards, but the Spaniards can dance circles around the Brits. We ordered a round of drinks, and left shortly after.

They then invited us to come to a party with them at one of the band-member’s flats in the Camden area. It was still relatively early, b - Alyssa's Weblog

"GST Cardinals at The Social"

The best things in life come unexpected.

Ask every proper A&R (wo)man in this country worthy of his/her title and they'll probably have tales about stumbling upon brilliance, maybe on the night of a day which had the crankiest morning ever.

If I were one of those, especially now, I'd feel I am not doing my job properly, as I feel Tuesday night I discovered the last great unsigned band in London.

Which is a stretch, considering GST Cardinals are actually from Hull, and this is their second descent to London I have the luck to catch. First time around in May, they played at the Monarch in Camden along with The Shills, but I had just the pleasure of their company after the gig as I did not make it in time to witness them on stage.

Otherwise, I'd have been ranting for the last 3 months about how this industry is sick if they are still not only unsigned (!) but even unmanaged (!?)

Why the fuss then? Well last band I saw with the chemistry, energy, and infectious melodies they spread from the stage, was this little london four piece who after almost 10 years still graces the cover of the like of NME.
For the Cardinals, Dave is just your perfect frontman: sweet, smiley and almost shy when you talk to him around the club, he becomes untamed and unleashed on stage, naturally following his instinct, which in his case can only be called talent, to charm people in, jump out to land amongst them, and basically getting them off. But it does not stop there because when playing, he shares the attention and makes the chemistry evident with Matt, Alex and Liam, and I am sure it would happen with Olli too, were he not secluded behind the drums.

To make a long story short, GST Cardinals had me drop my jaw for most of their set, while I had to take a picture of one of their bromance hugs and send it to my music accomplices, accompanied by the caption -paraphrasing the words someone much greater than me once used - "I think I might have just seen The Libertines at the Rhythm Factory in 2001".

After all, they have the tunes, they have the looks, and they all seal it together with their amazing on-stage chemistry and off-stage babyfaced smiles.

If they don't get big, I am not sure I am interested in what's supposedly big anymore. - London Groupie


The Split EP - received airplay on Troys Radio - Los Angeles, The Flight Test - Myrtle Beach, BBC Radio Cambrige & London, Volta Radio - Philly, PA and etc.



The GST Cardinals are a five piece rock and roll outfit that have a raw, explosive and emotionally charged sound. Upbeat music combined with poetic lyrics gives them something extraordinary. They originate from sunny Hull and formed in March 05. Band members include Dave (Vocals) Matt (Lead Guitar) Alex (Rhythm Guitar) Liam (Bass) Ollie (Drums).

They are a very exciting young band with a lot of energy, which is reflected in their fresh sound and staggering stage performance with a true Rock and Roll frontman in the charasmatic Dave. The songs are written about every emotion a person could have growing up in this day and age and every thing that comes with it. The songs are written by Matt Robinson (lead guitarist), Dave Sinclair (lead singer). A band not to miss be sure to see these lads when there next in your territory!

“The stage appearance tonight was truly impressive. These guys are living it, and alongside this fact are lovely guys who like to party. GST took to the stage and really owned this night, mouths were dropping left right and centre at the quality of their songs. If we were in a band we'd be thinking 'we wish our songs were as good'. Music with a little venom and the charisma dripping out of the mouth and connecting with the audience. If they play the rest of their tour like they did today someone will see their potential to make a lot of money. You'll see these at one of our monopoly slots in the New Year.”…..London 2 Leicester Promo