"Heavy use of dynamics, dual vocal technique drawing a lot from skramz, shouting at a pace I can barely figure out what the hell they’re singing. It’s spastic, loud, abrasive, incoherent and non-sensical but at the same time, incredibly fun and catchy. You’ll love this"


GSTS! is a band from Abbotsford, BC, Canada. The band has been described as spazz-punk, post-everything, math-punk, hardcore and everything in between, but the band themselves have settled on simply post-hardcore. What you can expect from a GSTS! show is dizzy-ing riffage, disgustingly heavy tones, break-neck stylistic shifts, and a band member will probably knock you over at some point. They may also say something about your mother.

After a series of singles, in 2011 GSTS! released their debut full length album GFTF!, released via Needs More Ram Records, and produced by Purity Ring’s Corin Roddick. That very same year, the band was commissioned by famed Canadian photographer Jeff Wall for a photo shoot. A photo of the band chosen by Wall ended up gracing the pages of Italy’s Vogue Magazine, and the walls of New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. Since the band’s formation, GSTS! has toured across Canada 4 times and have shared the stage with artists including Hard Feelings, Oh No! Yoko, Cope, You Say Party!, Karen Foster,
NEEDS, The Doers, Ancients, Greys, Baptists, and many others.

2013 is going to big a big year for GSTS!, as the band is currently planning an EP to be released sometime this summer. Formed by Drew Riekman (guitar and vocals) in 2007, everything has been building up to this year for the band. Rounding out the line-up is Reuben Houewling (bass), Tyler Corbett (drums), and Caleb Campbell (vocals), and the rough and tumble crew is ready to hit the road.

Essentially, what you need to know about GSTS! is that they are tornado of energy and music prowess that has touring chops, appeared in famed art galleries and the pages of Vogue, and have been produced by a member of Purity Ring.

Here is what others have been saying about GSTS!

“[GSTS!] come across as more primal, eschewing the post-hardcore and emo slant of Drive Like Jehu for the harder punk-driven tone found in bands like... Hot Snakes.”
- Fraser Dobbs (Discorder Magazine)

“The explosive sonics that these guys make continue to punch through the rest of this recording, interluded with moments of atmospheric downtime that give the ears a rejuvenating jump start before falling back into the chaotic swing of things.”

“Energetic Abbotsford, BC-based spazz punks GSTS! are riding high this fall, having just released their new album GFTF!, and the rest of the country is about to get a taste of their craziness via a swell of Canadian dates.”

- Gregory Adams (Exclaim! Magazine)


We Still Have Principals EP (2008)

Clydesdales/GSTS Split EP (2009)

GF/TF! LP (2011)

We Clap In Punk Time Single (2011)

The Machine Single (2012)

Late Single (2013)