BandHip Hop

I make real music that people can relate to, universal music. You dont have to personally go thru something to relate to, if i can paint a vivid picture with my words, then, you can experience it without having to go thru it yourself, ya digg?


Originally, I'm from Ghana, west africa, came to the U.S. when I was about 9 or 10 yrs. old. I grew up on real hip-hop, not this gimmick rap that's around for this short period of time. The music i make will stand thru the test of time, & im only getting better. My influences are 2pac, Nas, Biggie, Snoop, Scarface, Rakim, Jay-Z. I try to be true to myself in my music, if i dont feel comfortable doing it, then i wont.


1st album I did is called "Ricochet", back in '03. That was just to prove to myself that i can do it on my own, everything besides the CD replication was done by me. The 2nd & latest album I've got out right now is called "Thinkin' Out Loud". It features the singles "Change The Game", "Forever" f/ andre 3000, & "Ghana Baby", reppin' my homeland Ghana. I'm currently in the process of trying to get radio airplay & other ways of exposingmy music thru live shows, & other gigs.

Set List

A normal set is about 3 songs
*Change The Game
*Can I Get On
*Forever / or Ghana Baby