Ghost Town Trio

Ghost Town Trio


If you are someone who understands that the music of the Ramones can bring world peace, then you should come to one of our shows.


Although they are no strangers to a bigger stage, the Ghost Town Trio have found a home in the DIY punk community. Their three tours in 2007 took them to more than 50 US cities, playing music where rock 'n roll still matters. Drawing crowds in basement and living room venues, far removed from the abundance of digital downloading and oversized posters of corporate store fronts, they have built themselves a sturdy and loyal fan base.

Their stage performance is ignited by Andy Cook's inventively rhythmic guitar leads and catchy vocal patterns, which are delivered with such purpose, you believe every word. Aligning with the intelligently strong rhythm section of Garyn Jones and Ryan Tyhulski, GT3 will leave your ears and feet in playful anticipation of the next song. -BR


Demo, 2004
"It's Time the Old Dog's Dead" EP (CD), 2006
"Lose Your Voice" EP (CD), 2007
"Have You Heard?" EP (CD & 7 inch Vinyl), 2008 Team Science Records

Set List

Our set is usually all originals. We typically don't play anything much longer than half-hour sets, which usually equates to about 8 songs/set. Playing longer is not a problem.