G.T. Arpe

G.T. Arpe

 New York City, New York, USA

G.T. Arpe has played more than one guitar, instrument or drum machine at once. Most of his more more recent work has been noise-oriented. Most of it is often lo fi and within the confines of pop structures. He also does performance arty stuff w/ audience participation and also more trad solo stuff.


Formed in 1997 from an old Massachusetts band formerly known as "The Poseurs", now maybe "The Prosers" or something else due to legal issues. The drummer of the band was in college in upstate New York, and the singer was down in New York City. He wrote 3 records without the drummer, the third of which was titled "Guitarpe for Beginners". The moniker "G.T. Arpe" seemed to go with the title of the recording, and the name stuck and has been used ever since with occasional spin off names like "N.E. Part" and "Camper Van Halen". Around this time, the singer had a 4 or 5 month residency at "The Landmark Pub" in Park Slope.

Guitarpe for Beginners consisted mostly of tracks in which the singer sang and played more than one guitar at once. The title track utilized five guitars, two of which the singer played with his feet.

One Man Band and Drum and Drum elaborated on the "Guitarpe" theme by adding other instruments and percussion sounds to the mix.

Camper Van Halen combined Van Halen style tapping with Camper Van Beethoven style pop structures. The song "Long Live Guitar" is the centerpiece at 15 plus minutes.

2002's recordings Wrights double cassette, etc. and 2006's Hello Fidelity were written in the wake of post 9-11 paranoia, etc. Hello Fidelity was simultaneously released as "Ultimately 8 Song Lp" and modeled loosely after Dante's Divine Comedy, with Hell on micro-cassette, Purgatory on cassette, cdr and 7 inch record and Heaven on 12 inch record.

2009's Korea Counseling Compilation is primarily noise and sampler oriented with references to G.T. Arpe's experiences in the army and in Korea.

2011's releases were the "My Baby" Lp, an album of love songs with the phrase "My Baby" as the unifying concept and the "I am a...." EP, with 5 songs with rhyming titles based around the theme of "I am a..".

2014's "One Man Band II" consisted of the songs where the singer played guitar, harmonica, and sang while playing drums.

G.T. Arpe has toured in Alaska, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, China, New Zealand, Korea and Australia. He has also recently forayed into multimedia performance/comedy ("Artificial....") and improv spontaneous micro plays with audience participation ("Reverse Superman 1-10"). Regular updates can be found on his facebook page and website.


Albums: 1997: Guitarpe For Beginners 1998: One Man Band 1999: Camper Van Halen 2000: Christmas Island single 2001: Drum and Drum 2002: Doused Fires, Can't Joke Like You Used To, Wrights, etc. 2006: Hello Fidelity, 2009: Compilation: G.T. Arpe EP, Religious Hymns EP, Korea Counseling EP. 2011 G.T. Arpe My Baby LP, I am a...Ep.

Videos are on VIMEO and facebook.

Set List

I want my M.T.V.
What my M.T.V. would consist of
True Love Found
My Baby is a big baby
Or maybe I'm the baby
My Baby Never Loved Me
My Baby Sometimes Loves Me
My Baby Always Loves Me
I love my baby too
My Baby is my baby
My baby #1
My baby #2
Baby you're a big girl now
His Honor Held No Fear
'86 Toyota Camry
Bless this mess
Christmas All Year Round
Heaven Bent
Escape from Hell
Like Not Love
Love Not Like
North of Heaven
God Bless the Parents of the World
To Here Knows When
Grace is the place
Grey #2, #3
Black as Bad
Black as Good
Green's Blues #1 and #2
Blues Greens
White #1, 2 and 3
etc., etc.