Ghost Town Blues Band

Ghost Town Blues Band

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Gritty Electric Jamz that make you wanna dance like your granpappy used to do.


"They come from Memphis but defy the sound you would expect with juicy rock riffs that ooze blues and funk elements."

Forming a little over a year ago, Ghost Town Blues Band has already added their unique voice to the Blues/Jam Scene. Evolving in Memphis, TN, GTBB’s sound can be described as Gritty, Electric, Blues, Soul and Hill-Country Funk. This blend of genres results in a musical experience that appeals to a range of audiences, with a sound that is refreshingly original yet, keeps the dance floor groovin’. GTBB performs in festivals, clubs and parties across the nation. Sharing the stage or performing late-night after-parties for such acts as Billy Gibson, Daddy Mack, Shinedown, Todd Snider, Bobby Rush, The North Mississippi All-Stars, Sinbad, Dryvin’ & Cryin’, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Blind Mississippi Morris, and more....


Dust the Dust- 2010
Blues in Black and White- 2010

Dust the Dust receives airplay on over 500 stations world-wide...