GTC Dramatic Dialogues

GTC Dramatic Dialogues


Diversity, sexual assault and substance abuse can be tough issues to tackle when educating college students. GTC Dramatic Dialogues addresses these issues head on with open discussions capturing everyone's attention. Participants can expect to be challenged to think and develop educated opinions.


“Humorous enough to keep one’s attention. Serious enough to get the point across.” Since 1995, GTC Dramatic Dialogues has been turning lecture on its head, allowing students to talk back in fun, in-depth, no-holds-barred discussions of diversity, sexual assault, and substance abuse. GTC creates room for all points of view – even the controversial ones.

Laugh, get angry, sympathize, identify and then stand up and be heard. GTC Dramatic Dialogues challenges students to think beyond their initial responses, and ask, “Is this really what I believe?” The result – an energetic and informative debate in which students express their own views and listen to the views of their peers.

Suited for lecture, social issues, multi-cultural, educational, wellness and orientation committees – GTC offers a time-tested program that engages audience members in a way that is unique to most campuses.

GTC Dramatic Dialogues – Giving People Something To Talk About.



Set List

Topics to choose from include:
What'll It Be?: Substance Abuse
Strange Like Me: Racism, Sexism and Homophobia
Speaking of Sex...
What's It All About: Multi-Issue Show
The Sex & Drugs Show: Multi-Issue Show