GT's Jamlanders

GT's Jamlanders

 Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

GT's Jamlanders are an inspiring innovative fusion experience that borrows from musical frames of the old school jam and modern day musicality. The sound is powerfully delivered within a unique, alive essence, and is offered up from passionate artists that have mastered their improvisational craft.


GT's Jamlanders emerged as a result of one man's desire to showcase another mans talent to the world. It began all while a seasoned recording and touring artist looked for a way to shine a spotlight on a young gifted guitarist / vocalist who displayed a remarkable artistry, and eclectic style of music, that demanded praise by anyone one who entered into it's presence. As a result of an casual offer to provide some music for a Sunday Jam at a local Southern Oregon Night Club by the elder man, the youngster was provided a stage and an audience. Supported musically by his friends, the young man began to play his guitar, and the older man began to play his drums, and some other joined in the fun. For a moment the world turned up side down as the music that came forth stunned the audience and caused them to rise to their feet and cheer, scream, hoot, and holler! There is no way to explain this thing that happens when this band comes together and plays it's versions of things. You have to experience it to understand it. It's like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.... awe inspiring. The tracks on their CD "Adventures in Jamland" (RML Records) barely scratch the surface of what spending time in the midst of this music is like.

GT's Jamlanders are: GT Albright (Drums/Vocals), Nick Garrett-Powell aka Veruko Moon (Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards). Michael Smith (Guitar/Vocals), Brad Irwin (Bass/Vocals)
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"Adventures In Jamland" CD - 9 Songs / Label: RML Records 2010