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Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
DJ EDM House




"Twist Online Blog Review: Gual shows his love and passion for music with latest track “Get Down”"

Music flows in the blood of some people and artist and producer Gual is one of them. You can say he was born with the love of music. He started to show the passion for music from a very young age. By the time he was 10, he had picked up a guitar and never looked back... - Twist Online

"XTTRAWAVE Music Review: Gual set to release his new single ‘Get Down’"

Artist and producer Gual creates liminal existence music, that drifts through contemplative textures of nu-disco, and those pummeling thumps have been lubricating eardrums and dance floors for quite some time.

Gual has been on the move musically. Whilst his top charting single to date “Aeiou” overflows with gurgling ’70s as well as synthesizer-heavy ’80s instrumentation, that sound which had all but evaporated seems to undergo a revival of some sorts.

At the heart of that mix, Gual architects a steely design that absorbs noise and light from the club setting to leave a vacuum between the listener and the music, and creates unrestrained moments where the beat thunders its way into the subconscious.

His most streamed record to date “It’s Like That” hasn’t been totally sidelined, though. This record contains melodies that burst through the seams and Gual knows exactly what is needed to get you moving. His genre selection makes his sound different as these sounds aren’t what we would expect nowadays to be pumping on the radio.

But Gual seems like a veteran who has put a spotlight on a beloved sound which at one point in time dominated the charts. He teases us with tension and texture, ebbing and flowing his way to something truly hypnotic. “Feel Good” and “Can You Feel It” are also a couple of bangers the artist has produced, which inspire those moments in a club when the outside world becomes little more than an inconsequential thought at the back of your head.

That vision is totally realised in Gual’s music, making his pieces a mesmerizing work of art. For someone who by the age of 12 was experimenting with music production using his Korg Poly-800 synth, his guitar, and an old Panasonic dual cassette recorder, he comes across as a cognisant of electronic music, knowingly possessing a craftsman’s proficiency and a populist’s ear. Now, he’s set to release his new single “Get Down” on October 11th, hopefully another record that shows progression of his skills and creativity. - XTTRAWAVE

"Music Crowns Review: Gual releases nu-disco jam ‘Get Down’"

Artist and producer Gual fell in love with music at a young age. By the time he was 10, he had picked up a guitar and never looked back.

By 12 he was experimenting with music production using his Korg Poly-800 synth, his guitar, and an old Panasonic dual cassette recorder.

These days Gual is still channeling all of his energy and passion into his music, creating a sound all his own that brings his audience pure joy.

His new single ‘Get Down’ is an effervescent, nu-disco jam with enough groovy bass lines and percussive synth to get anyone who listens up out of their seat.

This track will remind you of sunnier climes and leave you with a carefree spirit. Hints of both 80s and 90s dance music hits will be playing on your mind as your feet do the talking… GET DOWN! - Music Crowns

"Stereo Stickman Reviews Get Down"

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there’s only a difference of about 5 seconds between the running time of all 5 of Gual’s single releases. He’s clearly hit on some kind of formula here, and is well up for sharing his infectious beats!

Starting off with chord voicings that are reminiscent of KC and the Sunshine Band’s Give It Up, Get Down doesn’t waste any time getting its groove on! Synth chords, 70s disco wah-wah guitar, pulsing, syncopated bass and brass stabs weave in and out of a nice, tight arrangement that is satisfying and yet doesn’t just tick the boxes.

The melodies chosen for the vocals are pretty damn interesting, at times creating a dissonant sense that’s spiky on the ear, and yet make for compelling listening. There’s a bluesy lilt to them (and their choice of harmonies), which creates a slightly mean, slinky-shouldered shape for us to latch onto.

The synth brass powers on through like a freight train, daring us to stop moving our feet – we are left in no doubt as to what we’re supposed to be doing. About halfway in though, the track starts to break down, only to be built up again; a bongo break returning us to the kit that’s waiting to roll us back into brass riffs and stabs. And all the while, bright slabs of synth and arpeggiating white noise sweep us back to the banks of vocals with loads of colour and energy to offer.

The trick here is the multitude of vocal and brass hooks over a relentless rhythm that just won’t quit. Appealing female vocals and a smart, sassy beat make for a compelling listen.

Find & follow Gual on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website. - Stereo Stickman

"Hood Critic Magazine Article: Artist and Producer Gual Is Gearing Up for the Release of His New Single “Get Down”"

American DJ and electronic music producer Gual is known for his unusual approach to dance music. He embarked on his musical journey back in the 80’s as a teenager, playing guitar in local rock bands. Now based out of South Florida, Gual found a new outlook on music, recreating himself as an artist, focusing on taking over the dance floors and climbing the charts. Over time, Gual has become an essential part of the Electro genre scene in South Florida, primarily in the Funky House, EDM, and Nu-Disco genres.

Currently, Gual is focusing on creating a sound that will bring his audience pure joy, hoping that his new single “Get Down” will answer their call. “Get Down” will serve as an effervescent, nu-disco jam with enough groovy bass lines and percussive synth to get anyone who listens up out of their seat.

“Get Down” will be available on October 11, 2019, and released under the Miami Dance Records label.

To stay up to date on more news about the “Get Down” release and additional information, visit Gual on his website at or follow him on social media via Instagram and Twitter.

You can also get familiar with Gual’s music by streaming via Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube. - Hood Critic

" Article: Gual Debuts Second Track Of 2019 ‘Can You Feel It’"

Gual – ‘Can You Feel It’ – As an artist who has a passion and connection to music, American DJ and producer Gual has had years of experience and practice under his belt to get him to where he is today. While he’s still steadily rising, his ability and diversity has been continuously growing since the 80s playing alongside bands, learning different instruments and ultimately becoming quite the tastemaker of genres.

Honing in on his signature style after dabbling with different bands and turn-tabling for weddings, he eventually found himself as Gual. As this monicker, he has expressed his talent, ability and years of experience in his records as he offers his unique and tasteful blend of funky-electro tunes.

And Gual‘s latest track doesn’t fail to impress, as it displays his take on a hybrid sound between funky vibes and an electro house/pop sound. One could say he’s quite the connoisseur of dance music, with the raw ability gained from throwback sounds from the 80’s. Check out ‘Can You Feel It‘ and make sure to follow Gual via his socials, all linked below! - EDMJoy

"HBT Chats With Gual"

What first drew you into music production and Funk/Nu disco in particular?

Honestly, I can’t remember. I was just a child when I first started recording my own music and this was during a time when home studio recording for the average Joe was non-existent. I remember using an old Panasonic dual cassette boom box to overdub tracks from one cassette to the other, and back again. The sound quality was horrendous as the tape hiss just worsened with each overdub. It’s ironic, back then I literally generated drum tracks by hand drumming on the back of my acoustic guitar, now I do the same thing but on an NI Maschine Studio. Read more at - HBT Magazine


Boogie Oogie Oogie

Hmmm (Think About IT)


Can You Feel It
It's Like That
Feel Good
Get Down
Get Down (Remix)

Shut Up and Dance (Gual Unofficial Remix)

Havana (Gual Unofficial Remix)

Whip It (Gual Unofficial Remix)



Gual is an American DJ / Producer.  Mixing and producing in the genres of Funky House, Future House, and Nu-Disco for over a decade, Gual has mastered the art of delivering a high-energy experience and always surprises people with funny audio samples during each performance. He states his music is a true reflection of his personality - a little off-beat, a little straight-forward, and 100% just-for-fun. 

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