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GUANACO is a symbol of Latin American Urban Music that mixes the style of Hip-Hop/Reggae/Dancehall, along with traditional Ecuadorian and Latin American music and rhythms. Has 8 albums among different projects, and has toured around Ecuador, Europe, Latin American and the United States.


GUANACO has been a symbol of Latin American Urban Music for the past 16 years. His mixed style of Hip-Hop/Reggae along with traditional Ecuadorian and Latin American music and rhythms has, without doubts; allow him to close gaps between music, culture and society. Guanaco has broken through more barriers than any other independent urban Ecuadorian artist, starting underground and breaking into the mainstream spot without losing any credibility from his fans.

Guanaco has a total of 8 albums among different projects that he has done. Apart from nationwide tours, Guanaco has also toured Europe three times, as well as two Latin American tours, and two tours in the United States. Now Guanaco brings to its fans his INTERNATIONAL SHOW GUANACO RAIZ TOUR 2013.


The first official video if Guanacos most recent album RAIZ The song is SIEMBRA:

LENTO: This song was number one on MTV Latino in 2008


DE LA MISMA OLLA ft. GUANACO (fFilmed in Madrid, Spain)

Live videos
?Sudakaya feat. Menny More - Jamaicuadorian (filmed in Miami)????

Relationships with Non-Profit Organizations

Ecuadorian representative of the foundation VOCES (Spain)

In 2001 Guanaco was named judge of FAIR PLAY, a worldwide contest of Young voices against corruption by the JMI FOUNDATION of Belgium and the world bank.

Guanaco is also the leader of a cultural project called ALIANZA
HIP HOP PARA LAS CALLES (Hip-Hop alliance for the streets)

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Live Videos:

The song PENAS on the tv showXpresarte:

Quito fest 2011: (the biggest music festival in Ecuador)


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Juan Andrs Alvarez
(593) 988498780
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Guanaco`s first álbum as a solo artist. It reflects a Hard Core Rap with a characteristic 90´s sound. The álbum has become a classic in the ecuadorian Hip Hop scene. With this álbum Guanaco was able to go on tour around all the country. He was also featured in Hip Hop flow español and Hip Hop nation magazines.
Pesos Pesados Sound System “Primer Round”:

Is a collective álbum that was produced by Guanaco. This álbum contains his song LENTO which arrived at TOP 1 in the TOP 10 + MTV LATINO. Guanaco went on road to Perú, Argentina, Spain, Ecuador and USA with this álbum.


This is an eclectic HIP HOP álbum with influences from ecuadorian music, Reggae, and Dance Hall. Its considere done of the best produced albums in the history of Ecuador. It was made in 2 years of extense and profound work. It has collaborations with more than 20 legends from ecuadorian, and latin american music. It was produced and mixed in GRABA ESTUDIOS by Xavier Muller, and it was mastered in NYC by James Cruz (Calle 13, Beyonce, Wu Tang Clan, Collie Buddz etc.) in Zeitgeist Sound Studio)
This album has become one of the most popular albums in Ecuador, with its first 2 singles in the top 10 charts in the country.

Set List

1. Penas

2. Saña y maña

3. Denso

4. Intro Tema / En tu cara

5. Intro / Fuego

6. Todo en la vida

7. Dinero

8. Siembra

9. Llego el cantante

10. Culebra

11. Crónico

12. Lento

13. Vamos pa´la calle