Guarded Jungle

Guarded Jungle


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Code Talker

Written By: Ken & Penny Kacere

We are the code talkers
We will be protected at all costs

Had never seen
So many white men
They played their poker
Within themselves
Then the music came
But no one spoke

We are all warriors
Fighting to stay alive
Using the special code
Along with our knives

We love what we have done
Taking the enemy to the ground
All we had was the sound
Of our code we are very proud

There was a barbwired fence
Tried to save all their friends
But the enemy emerged
And took out every one of them

I put ashes in my palm
Rubbed them on my forehead
Since sundown
This is a prayer to protect


Do you smoke he asked
Not really I said
But I took one anyway
To try and be his friend

The code was never broken
Because of our protector
Not one part was stolen
We were never alone.


Eccentric Brain
Code Talker