Guardian U

Guardian U

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GuardianU offers violence prevention, sexual assault prevention, personal safety and self-protection programs for colleges, corporations and organizations. The programs also have been designed to teach people how to use strategies rather than physical conflict.


For the past 17 years Dave has become a perpetual apprentice in all forms of Personal Protection. He has invested signifcant time in the Martial Arts including: Yoshinkan Aikido, Samurai arts, Judo, Krav-maga, and Systema.

He travels the nation conducting keynotes, workshops and seminars that focus on violence awareness; plus train others about their own personal sense of value, awakens their innate gifts and reduces their personal risk of violence in an increasingly violent world.

Although security is a serious matter, Dave’s light-hearted, fun and laid-back approach will connect with your attendees and encourage them to take personal safety seriously.