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Boone, North Carolina, United States

Boone, North Carolina, United States
Band Rock Classic Rock


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"Winner of 2010 Appalachian State Battle of the Bands"

15 bands auditioned.. Guard the Van took the first place trophy home amongst heavy competition. - Appalachian Popular Programming Society and Legends Music Hall

"Solar Tree Lighting" - High Country Press

"Z.S. Thomas Artists"

"Guard The Van is a veteran on the vibrant college-town music scene in Boone, NC. Their music combines a unique mix of bluegrass and rock. Their live shows have a steady uplifting pace that keeps the audience on their feet."

- Z.S. Thomas Guitars

"Local band Guard The Van plays two shows this weekend"

Article was written to promote our two show weekend in Raleigh, NC on July 2nd and 3rd. - Triangle Tattle

"Talking with Guard The Van"

Published: 12:26 PM, 02/18/2010
Last updated: 12:30 PM, 02/18/2010

by Matthew Ellise
It isn't uncommon for a whole night's pay to get thrown into the streets when thieves and band members scrap for pay.

Of course, one is honest, and one is not. Area band Ample Example didn't guard its stash at the end of a show, and three hoods tried to take a stack of cash left in a band car. The band fought that one out and got the money back. Maybe this is the reason why Guard the Van has its name.
This Saturday, Feb. 20, Guard the Van will be playing at Klondike Café on Hardin Street, across from Appalachian State University.

"The classic rock feel allows people our age, as well as the older generation to relate to our music," Gage Howe, guitarist, pianist and vocalist for Guard the Van, said.

"The music we play has been inspired by multiple genres, so we hope for a diverse, energetic crowd. We encourage people to tell us what they think about our music."

Just don't be taking anything from the van. The band has some faith in a real show.

"We were playing a show at Parthenon Cafe when a gentleman we did not know approached us and motioned toward the microphone," Howe said. "He never hesitated, and before we had time to do anything, he had joined in the chorus. After a few lines we realized the man was nailing the harmonies. He knew what he was doing; he even hired us after the show to play an upcoming birthday party for his family at Klondike."

Guard the Van released an album that recorded at home, using a 32-channel digital mixer and some Pro Tools.

Howe said it took about two weeks to get the sound to where they liked it. This demo contains the songs that can be found on the band's MySpace and Facebook pages. Band members said their second album will be a longer EP of about five to six tracks. The album will be recorded by the Split Rail Records label at Appalachian State University.

Their new album will be more "rock oriented and less acoustic."

"We plan for the new EP to have all electric rock songs," band members agreed.

When talking about playing in the High Country, they said, "Compared to any other town(s) we have played, (Boone) has shown us how respectful and courteous us mountain dwellers are compared to those living in big cities. We feel like we are playing for family when we perform in the High Country. The students at Appalachian State have been supportive and are great to play for."

This is reflected in their music. Guard the Van will perform Saturday, Feb. 20, at 10 p.m. at Klondike Café, located at 441 Blowing Rock Road in Boone. The cover charge is $5. - The Mountain Times

"Guard the Van Plays Around Town"

Published: 10:41 AM, 06/03/2010
Last updated: 10:50 AM, 06/03/2010

by Lauren K. Ohnesorge
Guard the Van: The Boone-based group opens for Big Daddy Love Saturday at the Reel House, and that's just one of the stops on their busy summer tour.

Just ask guitarist Gage Howe.

He's been with the band since its inception in 2008.

"What I've originally tried to do is pluck music from different genres ... like classic rock or blues ... use different styles and try and base a song on that style that still maintains a sound people can recognize as what they love," he said.

Next comes the addition of three-part harmonies ("We really felt like Boone could use a band that did have a lot of vocals."), that extra something that gives Van its own unique sound.

With Howe on guitar, piano and mandolin, Cam Ward on guitar, Marc Walker on bass, and Gabe Fawcett on drums, the band plays a cycle of original music that feeds off the crowd.

"I will write the basic melody," Howe said. "I'll record kind of what I have, and then I'll take it to the band, and we will arrange it, and everybody in the band contributes their original art."

Highlights? This year, expect them to play at Music on the Mountaintop.

"It's really exciting because that was one of our goals," he said. "We wanted to play last year, but we just really weren't quite at the level we needed to be."

This year, there's no stopping Guard the Van.

"It's really been just great to play at places like Boone Saloon and Murphy's and the ReelHouse, all the bigger venues in Boone," Howe said. "Because it's a small town, when you finally get the opportunity to play, it really means a lot ... and it's all really worth it."

The vocal-based group opens for Big Daddy Love at the ReelHouse Cinema and Draft on Friday, plays with the Major Sevens at Boone Saloon June 12 and at Klondike with Pseudo Blue and the Majestics June 19. For more information, check out their Myspace page, ; - The Mountain Times


The Van is Waiting EP:
Losing Control
The Van is Waiting
Traveling Man
Enthusiastic Young People
Blues Piano

Tracks from Van is Waiting EP have and are currently being played on Highway (106.1) of the High Country.
The Van is Waiting EP is available on iTunes and CDbaby.

Demo EP:
Hey There Beckie
We'll Be Alright

Tracks from Demo EP have been played on WASU (90.5) based in Boone, NC.



Guard The Van uses a variety of musical genres to create a sound of their own. Influenced by classic rock, new rock, folk, and bluegrass, the music of Guard The Van gives audiences an eclectic performance while still remaining true to their original sound.

Back before Guard The Van was a musical group, they were a band of drifters on a journey searching for treasure and riches. Back then, the group traveled by van. The van was the rock that held the voyage together. They scavenged the land, filling their van with what they recovered. The group originally consisted of five members, until that fateful day that forever changed their path. Today's band consists of four, young members, motivated and eager to give audiences an uplifting musical experience.


August 2010:
Guard The Van performed at the highly acclaimed festival, Music on the Mountaintop in Boone, NC. Guard the Van shared the stage with aritsts such as Toubab Krewe and Larry Keel and Natural Bridge. Some of the headliners at the festival included Sam Bush, Keller Williams, and Railroad Earth.

March 2010:
Guard The Van won the Appalachian State, Battle of the Bands competition.

Gage Howe, the originator has an amazing knack for music composition. The band hardly goes a practice without starting on a new song that Gage has written. His love for music, and motivation to succeed keeps Guard the Van busy improving their songs and sound at all times.

Gabe Fawcett grew up in a musical family, all of which glorified the sound of rock and roll. 33 1/3's of the beatles, the who, the band, steely dan, were being played at all times. Gabe's father played guitar in a rock band as a kid in the early 70s, and he has always encouraged Gabe to do what he loves.. especially if it involves music. Gabe played in a band throughout high school with both of his brothers and two friends from church.

The person who feels the music the most is the striking young bass player Marc Walker. Marc adds the energy that keeps people smiling and moving throughout the entire show. His enthusiasm for every song, whether a favorite of his or not, helps the band and the crowd have the best time possible.



Dec. 11, 2009
WASU 90.5 FM Radio Interview
Time on the air was spent promoting shows, answering questions about the band and playing four demo tracks.

June 17, 2010
New Country, Hwy 106 FM Radio Interview
Time on the air was spent promoting Music on the Mountaintop and playing two EP tracks

Newspaper Articles:

Feb. 18, 2010
The Mountain Times, Article
Written by Matthew Ellise

June 3, 2010
The Mountain Times, Article
Written by Lauren K. Ohnesorge

June 29, 2010
Triangle Tattle, Article
Written by Melissa Howsam

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