Guerilla Foco Clan
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Guerilla Foco Clan

Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Band Hip Hop EDM


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The Swaggarlific, Flossiphonic, Play It, Cause We Brought EP

We'll Never Stop (single)

This is for the Night Life LP



Out of the DURTY H in Texas, GFC Gets Fuckin Crunk. With beats that stay reminiscent of golden era hip hop but still have that new age electro spin on them, the Guerilla Clan's got that certain type of balance that everyone's striving for, but that almost no one is getting these days. The White Boys (Chess and Damon Nash) and Maggie Vaughn (sung vocals) rip their tracks up like there was no tomorrow with southern flows and intricate rhymes. This is no ground for the stereotypical dumb South rapper. This is innovation revolution at its best.

Central to Che's theory was his belief in the "foco" - "A small band of men, an armed vanguard that could, when certain base conditions existed, induce the subjective functions for revolution and thus form an uprising and achieve social justice."

Damon Nash heads all of the production, throwing in a mix of sampled work and programed gritty synths to create a new sound, as well as lending his steez to the mic.

Chess White heads the groups lyrical front with rhymes that will have you checking the date to make sure its still 2010 and not 1996.

Maggie Vaughn encapsulates listeners with a harmonic temptation that no ear can resist.

After the release of their first EP, "The Swaggarlific, Flossiphonic, Play It, Cause We Brought It EP", the group started to receive massive attention for tracks like the Sigur Ros Sampled - "Sigur Ros 2", Their take on Radiohead's "No Surprise" and the originals "Tresspassin" and "Tres Perro"

Houston Press did a feature on their song "Sigur Ros 2" Here:

"Lyrically masterminds,unique beats and remixes that can’t be touched once the Guerilla Foco Clan slice and dice them up." - Day'n'Night Blog (

Now GFC is getting ready to release their debut album, "This is for the Night Life"

Which will shit on everything that's coming out in the rap world right now.

Yes, it will be that good.

We came to fuck with the stars.

Back the fuck up.