Guerrilla X

Guerrilla X

 Omaha, Nebraska, USA
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Guerrilla X is the customized concrete image of a radical artist representing the voice of the voiceless. "I am the compelling underline of true rebel music. I am universal in all I do. I am everything and anything beyond what you think I am. I am... the reflection of life"

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Radio Airplay:
Revolutionize Me - Radio Airplay Snippet in 2007
Move! - Radio Airplay Snippet in 2007

Streaming Music Videos:
"Hold Me Close" - 2006 (50 Cent Rap Edition)
"Move!" - 2007 (Midwest Ent. Music Awards)
"Stay Posted" by OTR (dir. & edited by Guerrilla X)
"Demolition" - 2008 (recently removed)

Ballad of a Dead Soldier - 2008
J.Cardenas (Jannet Cardenas) - 2009

Set List

No covers songs. Strictly original. Performing sets vary from 15 min. to 45min. depending on time allowed by venue restrictions.

List of songs in order:
1. I Am...
2. Soulja Up
3. When I Lose It
4. No Justice
5. Revolutionize Me
6. Never Me
7. Hold Me Close
8. SunShine
9. Hip-Hop