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Real People

Written By: Stephen McGufficke

To dream, one must be awake
It seems, its too late
Breath, this world to embrace
Steal, a girl to replace

Real living keeps me searching
Real people make me smile
True love keeps me dreaming
True words they walk the mile

When it doesn't rain it pours
Open windows open doors
Running down life's hallway
Baron love is here to stay

Temporary Love

Written By: Stephen McGufficke

Its been a while since i kissed your lips
Each taste soured with each whisky nip
Replacement volunteer your service here.
Temporary touch true love be near.

Skills of love like a snake in the grass
After all this time this solitude must pass.
Temporary love (Is it love that Im feeling)
Temporary love (i don't belong am i dreaming)
I don't need temporary love

Soul full of hope don't fail this man now
Habitual existence leaves me somehow
Perceiving life as the clouds drift by
Aqua blue seaside dreamy emotive high.
My defense is your disguise makes no sense spell of lies
Waiting here loveless day loneliness leave today

Without you

Written By: Stephen McGufficke

Without You
You know things could change, my heart will never age, for you.
You know this is real, in time love will heal, don't you.
But the reasons we fight, I'm alone tonight, Without you.

You try to work me out, my life's filled with doubt, what's knew.
We try to find a way, we cannot see today, there's no view.
We're as free as a bird, I'm alone here girl, without you.

Without you (3)
You know love is free, and so blind we can't see, its true.
You know I'm afraid, maybe I should have stayed with you.
Now our future's a guess and my life's just a mess without you.

Without you (3)

Running down life's hallway, not knowing which way to turn.
But when we get there, I know you'll care. It's true, without you

Without you (3)


Written By: Stephen McGufficke

Elizabeth, where are you and is a smile part of your day?
Elizabeth, my dreams are of you, now regrets have there say.

You once showed me your heart, I was scared ran the other way. Now we're apart, that was yesterday.

Lack of action teases me, I know I can't bring back time. I can't speak to you to make me see, let you know I'm sorry. To let you know I did care. I guess you'll never really know.