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? Music Band creepy (soul: ?) is the first album 'start of the trip, "Feel: ?"' release concert commemorating the 26th Seoul has welkomssieoteoeseo. (Photo: Langen printer entertainment)
Music Band 'creepy' concert [Sung Hee Kim trainee journalist on earth Times =] Music Band creepy (soul: ?) formed the group after three years 'start of the trip, "Feel: ?"' first album released with the title and concert commemorating opens up. Music concerts, including the payment Haegeum Gayageum Agen goose consisting of percussionists who created since its formation yeonjugok will deliver to an audience. The album, in addition to yeonjugok pansori Chung and Chunhyangga the song motif is planning to present a new song. Creepy Music by the popular and comfortable has been the audience's attention and love. The album also lyrical and creative freshness of Music composed yeonjugok naetda put creepy musical colors. Album, an album title like 5 songs yeonjugok dulled hard to change swept into a journey that is felt in everyday life of fear and excitement, a feeling of liberation and was represented by gukakgi melody. The Music Band was formed in March 2009 founded the first year of the goose, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 'cheoncha manbyeol Concert' attention in the popular and began to receive the award. Music bands and groups representing Korea nyeonen 2011 Named to the opening concert in Barcelona and Madrid made a name in the world stage. Facing the creepy music critics "instrument players' confidence and enhanced quality in the traditional sense a boom, the energy mix of the crowd is enough to elicit a hot reaction" was awarded the accolades. In this concert the most popular domestic Goose Bay Music fans young and high-level playing skills and stage presence will be presented. The women folk group 'Arisu' celebration of the folk of our performances are maryeondwae communicates with spirits. The concert will be held following the 26th Seoul welkomssieoteoeseo. All seats 20,000 won, a 50% discount is available for reservation.

? creepy album cover (Photo: Langen printer entertainment)

? creepy album cover (Photo: Langen printer entertainment)

Music bands creepy, travel with the first album

Desk yihyoseon approved 02/20/2012 |
Creepy Music Band (soul: ?) the first album "start of the journey, Feel: ? 'is released. Music surokgok all were filled with creepy yeonjugok creative. Payment, haegeum, gayageum, Agen, traditional music and Western percussion instruments around a mix of gukakgi trip to leave at this moment the feeling of lightness, lyrical, yet can bring to life. The music depicts the trip through the goose, the life is lost or contains a heavy, do not worry. Expires impulse is trivial and lightweight comfort. Yet heart is beating. Trip planning and dreaming, or people who have already entered on the trip to hear good music. Goose was founded in 2009 organized by the Ministry of Culture 'cheoncha manbyeol Concert has won popularity in the past year, organized by the Spanish CASA ASIA sponsored by Korea Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Barcelona and Madrid gajigi solo concert after the activity has been as steady. Three years to prepare the music a bit more popular music tell of creepy hoping the minds of the members is embedded. Yihyoseon reporter /

Music Fusion Band 'creepy', the first regular album release and concert held
Songseungbeom reporter

[Union Press = songseungbeom intern reporter] first album Music Band goose <start of the journey, Feel: ?>
And plans to release in February. That comes with Sun, the 26th, the 1st Seoul Jangchungdong welkomssieoteoeseo

Open the album release concert.
Album <start of the journey, Feel: ?> appeared in all five songs filled with creepy creative yeonjugok
All. Payment, haegeum, gayageum, Agen, traditional music and Western percussion instruments around a mix of gukakgi
Like, at this moment to start any minute trip just yet lyrical feel the same
Can bring to life the longer run.
Music is creepy band Indie Music team was formed in March 2009, the popular feeling, yet the water Music
I am thin voice and vocal gayageum, payment, Agen, haegeum, through our instruments, such as Django's New Music
Good but to pursue the most popular exotic baendeuda transformation.
These are organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in November 2009 concert manbyeol cheoncha '2009 'award from the Popular
Gukakgye have created a sensation on the calm waters. In 2011, Spain Casa Asia (CASA ASIA)
Organized by the Korea Ministry of Culture and Tourism sponsored the opening concert in Barcelona and Madrid, etc.
Music activities are steadily.
The 26th album release at 5:00 pm welkomssieoteoeseo Memorial Concert held in the Al
In addition to Albums yeonjugok contained motifs from folk songs and songs imported pansori showcased over
Arisu seongminyogeureupin celebration of the performances will be arranged. Ticket 20,000 won, a 50% discount on reservation.
(Contact 02-507-3120)

Concert Band Music creepy ... young gukakin unfold their explosive performances

Music bands goose hold concerts commemorating the first album release, 'commencement of travel' in the title of this concert to be held in proceeds, haegeum, gayageum as a percussion performer 'goose bumps' in the last three years who created songs will be played. in addition to yeonjugok contained in the first album by Chung and Chunhyangga pansori motif taken from the 'creepy' new songs were also prepared. Performing official said, "this concert the audience through the young Music Band 'horrified' musical will be able to clearly identify the colors," he said. Creepy yet relaxing music has been made more popular. The first record of travel in and took the yeonjugok Music. A tranquil yet refreshing lyrical animated journey. Music from the album, including a rare condition be satisfied with the creation of horrified at the gukakgye yeonjugok to bring a fresh wind is expected. Music Band 'horrified' organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism 2009 'cheoncha manbyeol Concert' is popular in the award-winning. Also in 2011, chosen as representative of Korea Traditional Music Band opens concert in Barcelona and Madrid to make a name on the world stage was also a young woman playing the explosion of Music and musical performers intact worries melted Music Band 'creepy' in this concert gukakgye the present and the future of the mixes are expected.

- korea Newspaper



Title: The start of the trip, Feel: ?

1 Memory Of November
2 Bellflower flowers
3 Cheonjihon
4 souleum, Fly in the sky
5 Huirak (Joy & Pleasure)



Goose bumps and since the founding of Culture and Tourism organized by the 'cheoncha manbyeol Concert, including the popular award gukakgye has caused on the gentle waves. In 2011, Spain hosted by CASA ASIA sponsored by Korea Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Barcelona and Madrid also had a solo concert.
Through this album a little more music to the public, tell .. wanted to get rid of creepy.

2009 ? --------------------------------------

3 ? founding
6 ? founding Concert (Hongdae Rolling Stones)
9 ? KTV South Korea hopes broadcasting relay broadcasting policy
10 ? invited to the concert performances, Chonnam Baegyangsa mountain
11 ? 6 ~ 7 ? cheoncha manbyeol 2009 concert organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism alone twice
Show prize - Popularity Award Winner Concert 2009 cheoncha manbyeol

2010 ? --------------------------------------
6 ? Jeonju Sori Festival performances
Education officials invited performing knowledge economy
Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Exhibition Museum celebration

7 ~ 9 ? Bukchon changwoo permanent theater performances organized by ''8 changwoo Arirang performances
8 ? sponsored by the National Museum of Korea Society of Costume 'The 24th International
Costume Congress 'Cultural Identity & Fashion' invited performance

9 ? 2010 Seoul Design Fair Celebration (Jamsil Sports Arena)
10 ? 2010 Jeonju Sori Festival performances
12 ? 1st Annual Concert "Indie Music Band [soul: ?] with the
MUSIC PARATY (Jeollabuk seonjeongjak Literary Fund)

2011 ? --------------------------------------
Practical Science Museum organized by the current 2011 2011.4 ? ~ Arisu subjective
2011 Practical Science Museum show permanent
Ari 201.5 ? ~ 11 ? joint Asian folk concert performances
Getting performances and cultural activities
Martian Museum of Practical Science Museum and a permanent performance
9 ? 17 ? Spain, sponsored by CASA ASIA sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Korea
Madrid, Spain 'ASIA con FUSION' invited performance
Barcelona, ??Spain 9 ? 18 ? 'ASIA con FUSION' concert
11 ? 2011 Global Talent Forum Invitation performance at Walkerhill
11 ? Martian Museum "is. Draws. Bad" performances
11 ? 27 ? Lotte Home Shopping open Andong medical culture of the community sharing event
12 ? 3 ? V Arts Center Gallery Exhibition Celebrating Twitter

2012 ? --------------------------------------

2 ? 1st start of the journey music feel: ? released
2 ? 26 ? album release concert of the trip started feel: ?
3 ? cultural communication Korea policy 4.0 ktv broadcasting on TV
TBS Radio 3 ? tbs fresh rhythm appeared, we