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Guild @ The Joint @ The Hard Rock Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Guild @ The Korova

San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Guild @ Galaxy Theater

Santa Ana, California, USA

Santa Ana, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



2008 Pixel8©Publishing.Ascap.
Reviewed by: Elizabeth Lutri

Guild’s new CD, self-titled and released 2008, arrived at
my door mid-December. Being a second winter of bitter
discontent for me, I experienced a fleeting moment of
buoyancy to see that in a different world a group of
musicians who talked about following their dreams and
making the sacrifices necessary to succeed are doing
just that.
Guild is Industrial Music. Orderly music. They do not rely
on elaborate walls of sound to hide instrumental talent shortcomings that seem inherent
in certain popular new bands striving to play what they assume is Industrial just because
they have a synth and a mixer board. Guild is not a band of trend-seeking hacks. Their
use of electronica is precise and pointed, but in a manner that suggests they took the
time to experiment with discord which is a good thing in the Industrial genre as even
more bands fall victim to looped monotony of a few unimpressive squeals or scrapes.
On this CD each song stands on its own; don’t get me wrong, they aren’t so eclectically
diverse that the contrast is its gimmick, but they don’t all “sound the same” either. A
consistent use of the guitar strengthens Guild’s output. It worked for Ministry; it works for
Guild. Guild lyrics are not pretty; they are not about partying nor are there any fast
machines that keep their motors clean. The guitar adds the edge that heightens the
anger of circumstance; backed by powerful guitar licks, songs about bummer topics
avoid the pitfall of whining. Not that the vocals have any ring of self-pitying artistic
skinny-boy-with-black-eyeliner angst; they’re strong, matter-of-fact and comfortingly
Track-wise, the re-edit of Bisection with its delightful acceleration challenges you not to
reach out and turn up the volume and Resist or Serve pushes the line of punk with its
intensity. I particularly liked the track Failure to Communicate; it would be at home on
any alternative radio station (hopefully drowning out anything by Oasis or yet another
yodeling ballad performed by a scrawny, menstruating college girl with an acoustic guitar
and a trust fund).
This album, reviewed by the typical mainstream reviewer (the kind who salivated over
the “uniqueness” of narcotic-vacuum Amy Winehouse), will probably be relegated to the
shelf of “sounds like Nine Inch Nails”. My counter-argument to that is that Guild doesn’t
sound like they’re trying to be NIN and that there is only so much Trent & Co. to go
around. Other musicians driven by the same desire to make visceral Industrial music
that speaks the secret language of entropy must come forward to challenge dismissive
labels and indifferent media gatekeepers.
Guild is one of those bands with the balls (and the keys) to do so. - The Edge Magazine

Page 18 and Page 24 - Mag X Magazine


Guild "Self Titled album" 2009
with singles
"Sky on Fire"
"Failure to Communicate"



Genre : Rock / Electronic / Indie / Pop
Origin : Los Angeles CA
Official Band Website :
Official Band Myspace :

"Guild" is blending the sounds of artists such as nine inch nails, linkin park, the faint and 30 seconds to mars. Originally founded in San Antonio, Tx, managed to make successful moves to Los Angeles, CA. Our debut self titled album is an independent release, which is the culmination of a years worth of material, refined into a unique sound that is accessible to all. Set on the right path, guild is taking its first step towards making its indelible mark in the world of popular music. ..

Guild has played all around the West and South West North America.

Highlights Include -
A successful Texas Tour with SubNatural.

Performing with stellar reviews at the Viper Room, Slidebar and The Whisky A Go Go.

Perform the theme song to Palm Springs "EDGE TV" Entertainment Show.

Provided a Remix for NINE INCH NAILS on their upcoming DVD Release "Another Version of the Truth" for their 2008 World Tour.