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Guilherme Arantes

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 1976 | INDIE

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1976
Solo Pop Rock


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2013- Condicao humana - (Coaxo do Sapo)
2007- CD Intimidade - (Som Livre)
2007 - DVD Intimidade - (Som Livre)
2007 - Lotus - (Coaxo do Sapo / Som Livre)
2003 - Aprendiz - (Som Livre)
2001 - CD Guilherme Arantes Ao Vivo (Teatro Mars/SP) - (Sony Music, EPIC)
2001 - DVD Guilherme Arantes Ao Vivo (Teatro Mars/SP) - (Sony Music, EPIC)
2000 - New Classical Piano Solos - (Verde Vertente, Sony Music)
2000 - Guilherme Arantes Ao Vivo (Salvador/BA) - (PlayArte Music)
1999 - Guilherme Arantes - (PlayArte Music)
1997 - Maioridade - (acustico) (Polygram, Globo/Polydor)
1996 - Outras Cores - (Polygram, Polydor)
1994 - Classicos - (Polygram, Mercury)
1993 - Castelos - (Sony Music, Columbia)
1992 - Crescente - (EMI, Odeon)
1990 - Meu Mundo e Tudo Mais (ao vivo) - (CBS)
1990 - Po - (CBS)
1989 - Romances Modernos - (CBS)
1987 - Guilherme Arantes - (CBS)
1986 - Calor - (CBS)
1985 - Despertar - (CBS)
1984 - Xixi nas Estrelas (compacto) - (SIGLA, Som Livre)
1984 - Fio da Navalha (compacto) - (SIGLA, Som Livre)
1983 - Ligacao - (SIGLA, Som Livre)
1983 - Pedacinhos/To Blue (compacto) - (SIGLA, Som Livre)
1982 - Guilherme Arantes - (WEA, Elektra)
1981 - Planeta gua (compacto) - (WEA, Elektra)
1981 - Deixa Chover (compacto) - (WEA, Elektra)
1980 - Coracao Paulista - (WEA, WB Records)
1979 - Estatisticas (compacto) - (WEA)
1979 - Guilherme Arantes - (WEA, WB Records)
1978 - A Cara e a Coragem - (WEA, WB Records)
1977 - Ronda Noturna - (SIGLA, Som Livre)
1976 - Guilherme Arantes - (SIGLA, Som Livre)



Ive decided to show at this release, right away, that there is a "footprint" on the piano (since the secret is really in the hands), "footprint" that no one will ever copy me. Each has its "footprint" on the instrument, I have mine, and people like me for it, above anything else. This is clear.

Then this disc is a "footprint". The sound of Guilherme, with the unique sound of the turn of the 70s for 80s, is back.

This time, it was mandatory to make no concession, not to listen to any producer who has fallen by "parachute" in my work ...

I joined with my band - Luiz Sergio Carlini (guitars and acoustic guitars), Willy Verdaguer (bass), Alexandre Blanc (guitars and acoustic guitars), Gabriel "Frejat" Martini (drums and percussion) and with my team, to make a record that was seminal, in the least.

This work I spent my vision of strangeness in a world that sometimes seems perfect until ... My bother in a society that sometimes seems to evolve to the general happiness ... My discomfort in a "system" that tries to portray that swallows everything, all differences adapts to all minorities include a "system" fairer every day, but amorphous and chocho, without edges or disputes .

A "system" that turns all the troubles in merchandise. An absolute "social order" politically correct, with all the dangers that these "perfections of social order" refer us. I needed to throw a disc that came bloody, with guts of who has what to say and is little sanding if the world will accept it or not ...

The music festivals are a parade of well-behaved artists responsible for its utilitarian function of serving the mass, which is a huge and widespread "ballad". Everything is a comfortable "ballad". There never was a time so ridiculous mannerisms and habits, as this current. That's my feeling and people of my generation. We have nothing more to lose, we are at the turn of the 60, grandpas, and can be surly at home - in fact, it is the best we can do. One day, out front, people will laugh at your empty galleys posting on mobile networks, as well as today seem ridiculous our clothes and hair of the 80s ... For my generation, who saw and lived the 60s, Woodstock, Luther King, Godard and seizure in film, barricaded the streets of Paris, the blood in the basement of a nagging Latin America, the world in 2013, which did not end in 2012 , an accommodation is generally unacceptable hilariously. The "system" has equated know and deal with the oppositions and alternative proposals, and everything quickly molded into "boxes" market ...

The lyrics of this album, this year, could not exclude that feeling of nausea. Nausea with global corruption, the rats governments invariably behind all the evil in the world and slutty. Nausea with peddle faith, this time of many calls the plan "supernatural", as ridiculous as rotten and earthly powers. Nausea because the "politically correct" includes an "about" lies. Indignation because every day the news brings new disappointments, money running loose in the general impunity. Nausea because the world is moving clearly to collapse, because corporations do not care and go until the end, until the curve population explode since neither curve is over, but a vertical lift towards an anthill where loutish ignorance and rudeness is part of the "attitude". The important thing is to have "attitude." The important thing is not what we are, but what is on the network. What is not on the network, not in the world ...

Of course I made some love songs, since not only indignation and dissatisfaction becomes the world ...

Has until rescue "chanson de geste", I did at 16 years of age.

All songs talk time.

Hence the subtitle "About Time". It is that time has passed, and we still have that interest. It is the urgency of the cry and panoramic look over the collection of which I lived.

One conclusion I drew from my crisis:

Young is the one who runs to death. Old is fleeing her.

If I'm running to death, longing for the time I have left to run faster, so I'm still young.

If I'm trying to avoid death, if I try any shortcut or bridge to cross the inevitable destiny, then I am old.

No wonder, with this record I feel 20 years old again.


Condio Humana (Sobre o Tempo)

Released by: Coaxo do Sapo

Physical Distribution: Tratore

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