GuillaTeam/Tha Cent

GuillaTeam/Tha Cent

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GuillaTeam is all about fun,fun, and more fun! Our music is for a wide range of color and creed. Mainly for young adults and elders with soul. Hip Hop street lyrics that comes from the heart. Songs that can be appreciated in clubs, cars, or internet radio.


GuillaTeam sets ourselves apart from other bands due to the fact that we make REAL lyrics. Our lives shows are explosive! Our songs are songs anyone from TEXAS to Michigan could understand and feel. 3 charismatic individuals with individual styles. Our music is pure energy! Ear catching lyrics that speaks from urban and small cities. Hip Hop influenced but also influenced by all kinds of groups. We respect any and all that has grabbed a microphone because we see the struggle it takes too make dreams come true. From groups such as N.W.A., E.P.M.D., WU-TANG, to many of the newer artist such as BIG BUN, OUTKAST, RICK ROSS


NO radio songs yet. Songs on and Singles such as "PAUL PIERCE","WUT IT DO BOIBOI"," GUILLA/THA CENT", and a many more. MIXTAPES vol. 1 and vol. 2 and cd #3," EXCITED DOPAMINES". We've opened for well known acts such as TWISTER, DO OR DIE, PARTY BOYZ, G-SPOT BOYS, and CHINGY. Alot of acts do this for the wrong reasons. We do this for friends, family and fans that understand in a short time, ALOT of dreams has come true for us, and that we will make it with help or not! Thanks for your time and we hope to hear back from someone soon.