Guillermo Serpas

Guillermo Serpas

 Houston, Texas, USA

I perform as a soloist, duo, trio or quintet. The band as a quintet, plays a blend of flamenco, jazz, latin and world music. Our performances range from smooth, light ambiance music to high energy charged, danceable tunes that gets the crowd on their feet.


Guillermo Serpas is a Nuevo Flamenco guitarist based in Houston, Texas, whose unique style combines a fusion of Spanish Guitar, Latin Jazz, and World Music.

Born in San Salvador, Guillermo studied classical guitar under the tutelage of Maestro Candido Morales, a close friend and disciple of Paraguayan guitar legend, Agustin Barrios. In 1983, the Serpas family relocated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a move that introduced the young musician to a variety of classical, jazz, rock and Top 40 sounds. As a teenager, Guillermo played rock and blues in local bands. He also joined his high-school concert band as a clarinet player, and played electric guitar in the school’s jazz band.

In 1992, Guillermo attended the University of Calgary, and graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in Music. Soon after, he formed a guitar duo with his older brother Roberto. The duo toured across Western Canada, producing a successful CD titled “Serpas Brothers” in 1999. After the duo dissolved, Guillermo continued playing and debuted his first solo album in August, 2001, self titled: “Guillermo.” Calgary’s Music Disk raved: “It’s probably the best Latin solo album I’ve heard all year.”

New musical opportunities took Guillermo to Orlando, Florida, where he collaborated and performed with Latino musicians from Puerto Rico, Peru, Mexico and Spain. After releasing “Mi Sol y Mi Luna” in August of 2006, Guillermo relocated to Houston, where he currently performs in many venues around Texas. His new CD “Guitarra Bohemia” released in June 2010, is a collection of 10 original compositions, recorded and produced by him as well. This recording also features some of Houston’s finest musicians on bass and percussion.

Critics call Guillermo’s music: “a newly discovered sun” and say his playing is among “the best in the world when it comes to love music and finger gymnastics.” For more information about upcoming events please visit his website at:
Reviews of the first solo CD “Guillermo”

FFWD Magazine: Calgary News and Entertainment Weekly.
…In the dust-bunnies of your mind, after the song caresses your tear ducts for the third time, you understand the emotion shackled within those bittersweet notes.
Desdenes: Disdain…

Serpas harmonizes with himself and brings out all the hurried Latin acoustic guitar that makes these tanned humans the best in the world when it comes to love music and finger gymnastics…

Music Dish
...This is probably the best Latin solo album I’ve heard this year. Definitely recommended, and highly shinning: a newly discovered sun.

Recent Festival Participations:
Bayou City Arts Fall 2010: Solo
Bayou City Arts Fall 2010: with flamenco group “Cuado La Tempestad”
San Antonio Summer Art and Jazz Festival 2010: The Guillermo Serpas Latin Jazz Quintet
Houston’s International Festival 2010: with flamenco group “Cuadro La Tempestad”.
The Woodlands Waterway Festival 2010: with Flamenco group Cuadro La Tempestad
Bayou City Arts Festival Spring 2010: Solo.
Bayou City Arts Festival 2009: with Flamenco group Cuadro La Tempestad.
Texas Folklife Festival/San Antonio 2010: Solo
Texas Folklife Festival/San Antonio 2009: Solo
Texas Folklife Festival/San Antonio 2008: Solo