Guillotine Riot

Guillotine Riot

 New York City, New York, USA

We play porno punk. Our mission is to make music that inspires you to make bad decisions and do debaucherous things... We're the ones on your shoulder, siding with the devil and pushing you into temptation.


We're failures at normal life.

We left behind rebellion and drinking and fucking and drugs in our teenage years and settled down with a responsible young spouse in the suburbs - but we didn't get it right. Maybe because that sucks anyway...

So we divorced our better-halves (a couple of them actually), moved back to the city, indulged our long-lost vices and formed a band to spread our 'Gospel of Sexual Debauchery'.

In June 2012 we released 'The Violent Sex EP' and in July 2013 we will record our debut album with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies) at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago.

Band Members:

Christa Vocals. Christa has been singing and rioting since childhood and will be at it until she drops dead (hopefully on stage at age 85).

Christa promises that she has never, ever really set fire to an exs house. Or any domestic structure, really. And she wouldnt ever set fire to any domestic structure, no matter what the rotten motherfucker did. She promises.

Freya Bass. Freya is from Australia, which sounds a lot like a cross between Middle Earth and Burning Man, if you ask Christa. Freya has been playing guitar, bass, drums and singing since she was a wee one and fronts another band in addition to being our whirling dervish, dirty, grinding bassist.

Alberto Drums. He likes to hit stuff hard. Hes been hitting stuff hard (and hitting the hard stuff) since he was a teenager in Bogota, Colombia. Hes played in metal bands, industrial bands and now he breaks drumsticks and drum sets with us. Weve never met anyone whos loved drumming more than him so were keeping him (which means keeping him out of trouble).
Keeping him out of trouble, it turns out, is harder than it seems. Were not saying that its hard because he grew up around things like revolutionaries, guerillas and drug cartels. Were not saying that as a young child he got so enamored with death metal that hes actually in league with Satan. Thats now what were saying at all

John Guitar. Johns from Southern California (maybe) and has been playing guitar since he was 12 (maybe). Formal jazz training led to playing in SoCal punk bands all over California (so he says). We learn something new and strange about John every day so we think hes actually a government agent who just happens to be a great guitarist and friend (and were not saying that just because were trying to get on the governments good side)